Apps Every Online Freelancer Should Have On Their Computer

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Apps Every Online Freelancer Should Have On Their Computer

Working as a freelancer can be very hard, especially if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal to make your job easier.

Due to the hectic nature of freelancing, you might face some inflexibilities while finishing all your tasks.

With the new surge of computer software and applications, it is pretty easy to find “apps for everything.” After a little trip through the internet, you might come up with hundreds of suggestions to help you.

However, it’s tough to tell which is going to work for you without trying them all. To save you that trouble, we’ve compiled a few trustworthy suggestions that should be helpful for any online freelancer. 

Nord VPN

There is no denying that staying safe is extremely important while you’re surfing the internet.

We will use any tool to keep our activity and personal details safe from malicious people on the internet.

It is easier now more than ever for hackers to get the personal information of anyone on the internet and commit identity fraud.

In addition to this, VPNs will allow you access to any website online by masking your IP address and location.

If you’re a freelancer who’s traveling to a different country, then you might want a VPN app like Nord VPN in your arsenal, since you’re going to be working online and need access to all websites on the internet.

What makes this app better than its peers is its excellent privacy options and user-friendly interface. It can block different types of malware and block ads.

Nord VPN is also compatible with all OS systems so that you can get it for your Windows, macOS, or Linux. There are also mobile app versions of Nord VPN for Android and iOS.

PDF Complete Office

If you’re a freelancer, you surely have to create, edit, or send pdf files to your clients, employers, etc. as this format is becoming increasingly popular.

The reason why many are more commonly used to PDF files instead of using DOC files, TXT files, or HTML files is that PDF files can’t be modified once they are created.

However, sometimes freelancers are forced to edit these files without having the proper tools to do so. In this case, they can use PDF Complete. Just as software specialists at explain, this app is one the best commercial options when it comes to PDF editors, as it’s more affordable than other alternatives like Adobe Acrobat, and it also offers some of the best PDF editing tools.

It also has a pretty easy-to-use interface, though not the best looking, and combines multiple documents. 

Google Apps

If you don’t have these installed on every device you have, you should definitely get them now.

Google apps are now one of the best options for every freelance worker. Since you don’t have fixed working hours, you might want to open files you’ve been working on last night to make changes while you’re out of the house.

You can make these changes on your phone using the Google mobile app because they synchronize with the ones on your laptop.

Google apps are one of the fastest options for syncing files, as you can have access to them on any device so long as you have an internet connection. Multi-device sync applies to all Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Drive.

Considering that these apps are entirely free, they are an essential part of your app collection.

Focus Booster

One of the main problems facing online freelancers is time management.

With no fixed working hours, you can nearly spend all day procrastinating over simple tasks.

Although it is hard to get out of that rut, you can coax yourself gradually into changing your lifestyle with the right tools.

One of these lifestyle tools is the Focus Booster app, which uses the simple method of setting a 25-minute timer in which you work non-stop and without distractions, then giving you a five-minute break.

Note that this method will only work if you consistently use it, so continue using that pattern for a long time until you can master the art of time management.

Final Thoughts

Deciding which apps will work for you is entirely your decision in the end.

These apps are designed to help you, but they also have their pros and cons. So, make sure that you find more information about these apps by reading reviews and watching tutorials.

Your choices will also be influenced by the size of the app and your budget, so keep that in mind before you decide.

We’ve only listed a few of the apps every online freelancer should have. Let us know in the comments which ones you use.

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