How to adjust video quality settings in Netflix

Netflix is a popular service that lets you watch your favourite TV shows and movies online for a reasonable monthly fee. It is a great option for users that want to get access to great content for an affordable price and thanks to its mobile application, you can enjoy movies or their great original series while you are on the go. If you are already subscribed to Netflix, the mobile app will allow you to watch content from the service on your tablet or smartphone. Downloading the app is free and it is very convenient because you can start watching a movie at home on your laptop and then continue watching it on your mobile device while you are commuting.

The Netflix app offers great compatibility and it can be used with Android, iOS, Windows Phone or Kindle devices. Once the app is installed on a mobile device, Netflix subscribers should be able to watch any films or TV series that the service offers. The app itself offers a great streaming quality and the interface is easy to use. You have the option of enjoying the content in multiple devices at a time with a Netflix plan that adapts to your needs. However, it is important to keep in mind that streaming the content provided by Netflix consumes a large amount of data. The good news is that it is possible to adjust the data quality settings when you are using Netflix in order to modify your data usage. The method that Netflix provides to control how much data you use when you are watching their content is easy to follow. Here is what you can do to adjust the Video quality in Netflix.

Access the video quality options in your Netflix account

1. Go to Your Account and then Clicking on Help.

2. Select the Manage Video Quality option. There you will see multiple options for watching media content. Adjusting the quality of the video is ideal for users that have internet data caps. Netflix allows you to choose from the below options. Note that these refer to usage per hour:
Good Quality: 0.3 GB – 310 MB.
Better Quality: 0.7 GB – 720 MB.
Best Quality (Standard definition): 1.o GB – 1024 MB.
Best Quality (High Definition): 2.3 GB – 2400 MB.

3. Once you have selected the video quality that you want, clock on Save. This will enable you to control the amount of data usage to avoid going above the limit of your data plan. Every option will still enable you to enjoy great image for your videos, so you won’t be sacrificing your viewing experience. It is important to remember that the estimates are from Netflix and it is advisable that you use a programme to monitor your internet usage. There are many options available, including free programmes that will provide you with accurate information. This will ensure that you don’t exceed your data capacity and end up paying additional fees.

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