How to activate text-to-speech on Kindle – iOS

Although there are many other options available, Kindle still is the leading e-reader app in the market and while it offers great features and it is easy to use, there is an important option missing and that is text-to-speech. The feature used to be available in the Kindle app for Android and iOS, but Amazon removed it as a strategy to prevent a decline on the sales of audiobooks. However, there is a simple way to get text-to-speech for Kindle app on your iPhone/iPad and it doesn’t require any kind of modification. Just follow the below steps and you will be able to configure text-to-speech on Kindle from the General Settings menu in iOS.

1. Open Settings on your iOS device and tap General
2. Look for Accessibility within the General tab and tap on it
3. In Accessibility, select the VoiceOver option
4. Once you have configured these settings, open the Kindle app in your iPad or iPhone
5. Select one of the books within Kindle and press the Home button three times to activate VoiceOver
6. Once VoiceOver is activated, you would only need to do a two finger gesture to get it to read through the text on the screen.

VoiceOver will enable you to go through a whole book, enjoying the convenience of text-to-speech and activating the option is incredibly easy to set up.

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