ABBYY FineReader Pro for Mac Review

It is not easy to find good OCR solutions for OS X and even though nowadays there is more software compatible with Mac than there was ever before, they do not offer the same powerful performance that you can get with the best Windows compatible options. Still, there are great applications available, such as ABBY FineReader or for Mac. ABBYY is a company committed to the creation of tools that allow the conversion of documents to facilitate the access to useful information.

Since the launch of the original FineReader in 1993, ABBYY has been working on improving the tool with every new release. FineReader Pro for Mac offers greater accuracy and better performance than the Express Edition, the previous OS X compatible version of the software. While it is not as solid as the Windows counterpart, FineReader 12 Professional, FineReader Pro for Mac is a remarkable solution supported by ABBYY’s top technology. Here is what this OCR application offers for Mac users.



The fact that FineReader Pro is an ABBYY product means that it has a great character recognition, which guarantees accurate results when extracting text to get an exact digital version form your paper documents. FineReader Pro makes things simple and effective by offering a high level of precision for text recognition and keeping the exact layout of the document. ABBYY has tested the accuracy of its software and has rated it with an impressive 99.8%. While this may not have been yet validated by independent tests, the truth is that the files converted with FineReader recreate the format of the original document with exactitude. You can create documents in editable formats such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel or HTML.

Jut like other applications created by ABBYY, FineReader is distinguished for its easy to use interface that makes the process pretty straightforward. You get guidance through every step of the reading and conversion of documents and many tasks only take a few clicks to be completed. Using FineReaderPro is simple and you will be able to start using it immediately without any hassle. The tool combines automatic and manual functions for optimal results. It can recognize automatically document characteristics such as language or layout and also gives you the chance you to make manual adjustments.

The advanced options allow you to use your mobile phone or digital camera as a scanner. You can take photos of a document with your device and apply FineReader’s image pre-processing tools to make corrections and adjustments to get a better text recognition. Then you can convert the document into the format that better suits your needs. FineReader’s advanced OCR features also include text orientation, layout retention and size/quality managing options. The documents converted with FineReader can also be accessed using text-to-speech facilities and the software supports over 180 languages.


FineReader Pro offers great features, strong recognition capabilities and the quality that you can expect from ABBY. On its own, it is a great OCR option for Mac but it lacks in power when compared to FineReader 12 for Windows. One of the aspects that are missing from Pro for Mac are the proofreading features, that allow to check details and make necessary corrections before creating a PDF. However, the shortcomings do not spoil the quality of FineReader. The fact remains that FineReader has a clear interface, solid performance and accuracy that mak it the best software for Mac users.

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