8 Cool And Highly Useful Things To 3D Print

Useful things to 3D print with your laptop in your work space

The notion of 3D printing has been significantly increasing over the past few years, leading to an increased number of applications in the real world. For example, it’s being used in industries like medicine, manufacturing, and architecture as well as fashion, art, and design.

One of the greatest benefits of 3D printing technology is Rapid Prototyping. This mechanism allows the production, design, and manufacture of a specific customized part in a short amount of time.

Due to the many uses 3D printing can offer, the percentage of people purchasing their own 3D printer and using this for their own personal uses at home is on the rise.

If you are considering investing in your own 3D printer, but are unsure of how to use it for and what to print, in this article we will provide you with eight cool and useful ideas.

1. Educational Materials

If you are a parent, a teacher, or another professional working with children, having a 3D printer can be a great investment. Children love new things and sometimes adults require new ways to keep them entertained. Printing child-friendly items can be a good method for managing behavior. 

Moreover, this technology can also be used for classroom resources or learning aids. For example, when learning about the body, you can easily print out parts of the human body made out of plastic, to act as a visual learning aid, which in turn increases children’s capacity to learn and understand the subject.  

2. Key Holder

How many times have you been late for something because you were not able to find your keys anywhere?

You can have your keys displayed in an organized manner by printing your own key holder.

This may seem like a basic option, although it is something useful as you are likely to use it on a daily basis so that you can keep track of all the keys in your household.

3. Pencil Holder

Another great tool for organizing your home or your office is to print your own pencil holder for your desk.

You can create a personalized pencil holder for yourself or your loved ones so that everyone can have their own. This is a very useful and simple idea to print.

4. Headphone Stand

If you are into organizing, you can use your 3D printer to create your own headphone stand. This useful and easy to print tool ensures your headphones are organized and stay off your desk.

Needs some headphones to go with your new headphone stand? Check out our review of the Sennheiser HD1 Wireless Headphones.


5. Aircraft Models

It does not matter if you are an aviation fanatic and want to add more planes to your existing collection or just want to print 3D planes as a hobby, printing your airplane model can be a lot of fun. 

Printing your own plane in three dimensions can be challenging and require a few attempts to start with. However, when efficiently done, model aircrafts are astonishing pieces of art due to the detailed specifics, which replicate real versions of aircraft models but in miniature sizes.

This is an extremely cool idea, although it takes some time to print every part and to assemble it. If you believe this is a good option for you but are unsure of how to start, 3D printer connoisseurs at https://io3dprint.com/ offer detailed advice on which aircraft models to print, even as a beginner. Printing your own miniature airplane model can be inexpensive and fairly quick, and it will allow you to put as much detail to your model as you wish.

Making a rocket is one of 8 useful things to 3D print

6. Cutlery

If you love cooking and baking, this idea is for you! You can use your 3D printer to create all types of cutlery.

A good idea is to print your own measuring spoons, for example. You can even customize these and give them to a loved one as a present.

Additionally, you can create your own set of small cutlery, which is useful to bring with you into the office or for your children’s packed lunch.

7. Shoes

Finding the perfect pair of shoes can often be a struggle, as mass-produced items do not take into consideration people’s specific needs. For example, one of your feet can be larger than the other – this is something a common shoe store would not necessarily cater for.

Using a 3D printer to create your own customized pair of shoes allows for this to be achieved as the computer will use specific measurements such as your height, weight, and even activities you take part in to create the most suitable shoes for you.

8. Business Cards

If you are a business owner and wish to market it, you can use your 3D printer to make your own 3D business cards.

Considering the majority of business cards are two-dimensional, having yours printed on a 3D printer, will make your business stand out significantly.

This is an important strategy in marketing as you will want to make a good first impression, so people are more inclined to remember you.

If you have recently purchased in a 3D printer, there are many things you can create – hopefully, the tips above will provide you with the inspiration you need to start your 3D printing journey.

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