5 Ways to Protect Your Smartphone

Getting a new phone is always an exciting experience. It’s fun to have some new tech in your hands and explore all the latest improvements.

But, new tech comes with new responsibilities. Once you open the box and take your phone out, you risk losing it all if something goes wrong.

We’ve all seen those videos of excited people opening their new phone on the street and promptly dropping it on the ground, shattering their brand new screen.

It’s all “fun and games” until it happens to you!

So, don’t open your brand new phone over hard surfaces like concrete, asphalt, or tile.

Now that you’ve safely unboxed your phone let’s find some ways to keep it protected.

Check out the 5 ways you can keep your device safe below.

First Things First: Screen Protector

Your phone screen is the largest and most vulnerable piece of your mobile device. Without protection or insurance, replacing your screen can cost nearly as much as a new phone.

Screen protectors are a controversial first suggestion because many people think that the screen won’t work well with a piece of plastic on top. But, for those that have used screen protectors on other phone models, they really do work to protect your screen from scratches, keys in your pocket, or accessories in your purse.

A screen protector will keep the screen safe from scratches and, most of all, from shattering.

So, once you have your phone in your hands, apply the screen protector, and enjoy your new purchase.

Getting Ready: Protective Phone Case

After taking care of the screen, the next step is to purchase a protective phone case.

The phone case primarily protects the sides and back of your mobile device from scratches, scuffs, and nasty drops (on higher-end models). But, a phone case with a raised bezel will also help keep your screen safe.

Person holding iPhone protected with blue and white case
Protect your smartphone with a stylish phone case. Photo by Frankie Lu.

Express your personality with a stylish protective case that you can change regularly depending on the occasion or your mood. Buy a few different cases in assorted colors and styles to keep your phone feeling fresh and new.

Adding More Grip: Ring Holder

Now that your screen and case are protected all around, what’s next?

How about a ring holder? The best way to protect your phone is not to drop it.

Ring holders are the best way to keep your phone firmly in your hands instead of crashing to the floor in case someone bumps you or you trip and fall.

Even if your phone is the size of a large pork chop — we’re looking at you, iPhone XS Max — you can benefit from a better grip.

Ring holders stick to the back of your phone case. Put your finger through the ring, and your phone will stay securely in your hand.

As a bonus, the ring holder also doubles as a stand so you can get your daily dose of Netflix wherever you have a table or a horizontal surface.

Being Cautious: Avoiding Extreme Conditions

Even with a screen protector, a case, and a ring holder, your mobile phone is still susceptible to extreme heat and cold.

Don’t leave your phone in your car or on the dashboard, even for a little while. The direct sunlight on the dark black screen will amplify the effects and may overheat your battery, causing it to swell or even explode.

While most mobile phones have some form of water protection, you should still protect your device from all water sources.

Black iPhone 5 showing fire pit in the woods
Protect your smartphone from extremes. Photo by Fredrik Solli Wandem.

The latest model phones are water-resistant, not water-proof. That means they can withstand a short dunk in your pool, but they can’t be submerged for long periods at any depth.

There’s a lot of sensitive equipment (e.g., microchips, transistors, sensors) in your phone that doesn’t like heat, cold, or liquids like water or solvents.

If you don’t like being hot, cold, or wet, neither does your phone.

Last Step: Just Be Mindful

No matter how many protective layers your phone has, being thoughtful when using your device is the best way to keep it safe.

So don’t keep your device near your keys, don’t get too close to a pool with friends who might push you in, and don’t hand your phone to small children known for dropping things.

Dogs and other pets pose a risk to your mobile device, too. If your dog loves to chew things or your cat likes to knock things on the floor, protect your phone using our suggestions, and you’ll be happier.

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