6 Uses For Your Android Phone You Never Thought About

Android is recognized for being a flexible operating system and for giving users the possibility of completing practically any task they want. While that feature may also make it vulnerable in terms of security, the truth is that the possibilities that Android offers are what makes it such a popular operating system. Compared to iOS or Windows Phone, Android gives developers and users freedom to perform many actions, some of which may surprise you.

This is a list of unexpected things that you can do with your Android phone.

Access your phone from your PC

You can get access to the apps and information in your phone remotely from your PC with a remote access app. This will allow you to control your phone from your desktop through a Web browser. Furthermore, with apps like Splashtop 2 to gain access to your Desktop remotely using your phone.

Use a Start menu and taskbar

Windows 8 practically made the Start menu disappear but there are many apps that let you recreate the same experience of a Start button and taskbar in your Android phone. One of the apps available is called “Taskbar – Windows 8 Style” but it should actually be called Windows 7 style as it features a Start menu and separate tabs for every open task. You can display or hide the taskbar using a small icon that appears on the corner of your screen.

Create an app on the go

While in most cases, programmers would prefer to work using a PC, with Android, they have the alternative of using a phone to create an app. Thanks to a free app called AIDE, it is possible to write applications while on the go. DroidEdit also offers the chance of writing HTML, PHP, JavaScript and other code using the phone.

Manage a Web Server

An Android device can run as a completely set up Web server with MySQL database, FTP for transferring files and PHP support. You can use the server with any domain and make it available online. Running a Web Server in Android can be a practical solution for programmers that want to put their code to the test and share it with clients during a business meeting for example. Having an Android web server is also a good option for those who run a small website.

Use it as a wireless Mouse or keyboard

With an Android phone, you do not need to invest in a wireless keyboard or mouse for your computer. Simply look for apps like RemoteMouse which enable this practical feature, giving you the chance of controlling your PC easily and conveniently.

Connect directly to a Hard Drive or USB device

You probably already know that you can use the microUSB port of your Android phone to connect to your computer and transfer files. However, not every user is aware of the fact that with a USB On the Go adapter cable, root-level access to OS and a free app, it is possible to copy files from a hard drive of USB flash drive. You can also stick an SD Card reader to get photos from your camera and upload them automatically. Even if you do not have a PC available, you will be able to transfer your files efficiently.

Use it as a security camera

An Android phone can serve as a security camera that will help you to monitor your small shop or check on the kids while you are not at home. This is more convenient when using a spare device so that you can have your everyday phone with you and access the video stream on internet.


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