Making your old smartphone useful again

Nowadays, smartphones are everywhere as the majority of mobile phone users has switched to these popular devices. As smartphones evolve and new models are launched, many users are replacing their phones with the latest device in order to stay up to date with any technology changes. That means that there are many smartphones that are currently not in use and chances are that even perfectly functional devices are just left aside. In the United States alone, it is estimated that over $47 billion in trade-in value for these items are going to waste.


By selling or donating your old smartphone, you can give it a new life and avoid that it goes to waste while it could be useful for someone else. You may sell your phone, give it to a friend or relative or donate it. Any option is better than letting it get covered in dust in some drawer when it could be recycled and continue providing communication and entertainment to a new user. Here are the simple steps to follow to give your old phone a new chance.


Let it go

Before giving your phone away, make sure you delete or back up any pictures, videos, contacts and everything else. Deleting your data will let the phone ready for a new owner and will also protect your personal information.


To clean all your personal data from an Android smartphone and restore its factory settings, follow the below:

– In the main menu, tap Setting and the select “SD Card and Phone Storage”.
– Remove and format your microSD Card
– In the main menu select Privacy
– Finally, tap Factory Data Reset


For iPhones, simply follow these steps:

– Go to the Settings menu and tap General
– Select Reset and then tap Erase All Content and Settings


Wiping data from Windows phones can be completed as below:

– Slide to the left on the Start screen
– Tap Settings and then go to the About menu
– Select “Reset Your Phone”.


Make some extra cash

Once you have cleared all your personal data and the smartphone is ready for a new user, you may try to make some money back by selling it. There are many options to sell your device, including online marketplaces. Make sure that you check your buyer’s feedback and that you have received a conformation of the payment before you post the phone.  You can also opt for websites that offer to buy your old smartphone for cash. Some stores would take your old phone in exchange of store credit. Keep in mind that Apple phones are more likely to retain their market value than Android smartphones and you may get an amount that is closer to the price of a current version of iPhones.


A phone for a worthy cause
If you prefer to give your phone away to help someone that needs it, donation is the way to go. There are many organizations across the world that are accepting old smartphones as part of their donations program. Some of these organizations provide the phones to victims of abuse, elderly citizens who live alone and in general, those that may not be able to afford them but that would benefit enormously from one. Even If your old phone is not in working condition, many organizations can still get funds for every phone that is recycled.

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