5 Software Programs That Simplify an HR Manager’s Duties at Work

What used to be a usual job filled with endless paperwork, now plays a strategic role in many of the most successful companies in the world. And it is mostly due to the evolution of technology.

HR managers are now fully equipped with data to make educated decisions about onboarding and offboarding employees within the company, among other tasks.

There are hundreds of software programs floating around the internet to help you perform HR duties more efficiently.

Here are five services that you should consider using.

Human resources manager talking to employees


WorkBright is an excellent application that takes all the work out of onboarding employees, significantly reducing all the administrative work.

The candidates can finish their paperwork by themselves using the app, even before they start the job.

You will be able to use the mobile-friendly software to view all the forms as they are completed.

Furthermore, it will send every new employee a welcome email on their first day.


Human resources managers have endless responsibilities, and Zenefits can help you keep up with them on the go.

Zenefits has all the tools that can make managing your people much more efficient.

You can manage onboarding from any mobile device, as well as easily track paid time off, organizational charts, and view performance reviews.

Zenefits will also show easy and affordable benefits packages that you can offer your workers.

Soda PDF

HR managers have to keep up with tons of paperwork, whether hard or soft copies. They will need to have reliable document handling software to handle everything.

While regular word processors may fill some of their requirements, PDF software is essential for efficiency.

Soda PDF has several of their services online, and Soda PDF can also be installed natively on several devices.

Either version can turn any image or file into an editable document with their online OCR. You can also make use of the brilliant e-signature feature to electronically sign papers and save time.

Optimum HRIS

Optimum HRIS is explicitly designed to keep up with some of the tasks of a modern HR manager.

The app will make it easy to manage attendance, benefits, compensation, compliance, and track applications of over 100 employees.

The company also provides training to help you get started.

Optimum HRIS can easily be used on any computer device, Windows, or IBM machine.

What makes this software modern is that it is also available on the cloud for you to access on any computer or mobile device.


Gusto is an excellent app that helps small business HR managers deal with payroll.

It has a user-friendly interface, and you will only need to log on and enter employee payroll information to get started.

You will also be able to handle all the paperwork when onboarding a new employee easily.

The app, formerly known as ZenPayroll, can also automate the tax filing process.

Furthermore, it will also automatically make the necessary deductions for benefits and worker’s compensation.

You can try the free trial before committing to the service.

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