ZTE Open C: the new Firefox OS smartphone

Android and iOS are the leading platforms in the market and Windows Phone is following their steps but a new competitor has arrived. ZTE’s Open C runs with the latest version of Firefox OS (FFOS) and was recently launched for sale exclusively on eBay. The first smartphone running with Firefox mobile OS was released back in 2013, when the company partnered with ZTE to create the Open, which was sold out in a matter of days.

The new ZTE Open C is using the latest version of FFOS and supports dual-sim, offers organizational options, home screen music controls, advanced messaging apps and that can be yours for only $99. If you are wondering what to expect from Mozilla’s OS, we can tell you that the layout and features are very similar to iOS and Android. The main difference is that FFOS supports HTML 5, which allows it to pin website to the smartphone as an app.

The Open C stands out for its universal search feature, which allows you to get results on your phone, apps on the Web or in Firefox’s app marketplace when you type a keyword or phrase. The design of this 4-inch smartphone is simple and the phone is very light, using a 1.2-GHz dual-core Qualcomm processor and 512MB of RAM. It counts with a 3 MP rear camera and 1400mAH battery. While this specs are below the standards of iPhone 5s or top Android smartphones such as the Galaxy S5, the Open C is meant to benefit from the smooth performance of Firefox OS. It is still early to say if Firefox can really become a serious competitor in the mobile OS industry but if you want an alternative to the dominant platforms available, for just $99 you can give the Open C a try.

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