Zoolz Review

ZoolzChoosing a good online backup service can be a challenge since there are many options available and different aspects to consider. On the other hand, having a large number of alternatives increases the chances of finding the perfect solution for your needs. If you are searching for an online backup service, it is important to think about the features that you can’t be without. Unlimited backup is one of the attributes that many users consider as essential and while many services are meant to support it, there is one provider that claims to be the only real long term solution.

Zoolz aims to stand from the competition by offering its customers the possibility of safeguarding all their data for life. They are committed to keeping your files for as long as you need them and nothing will be deleted unless you choose to do so. Zoolz allows you to store files from your computer and your external drives to the cloud for lifetime and that is not something that can be said about most providers. You can continue accumulating data, knowing that Zoolz will house it and keep it safe for good. Find out more about Zoolz in our review.

Getting Started
Zoolz is a product from Genie 9, a UK company established in 2010. Its Cold Storage takes advantage of Amazon Glacier technology to provide an affordable and effective storage solution. Cold Storage allows you to keep your files safe in the cloud and easily accessible, even if they have been deleted from your computer. While Zoolz is relatively new in the online backup industry, it has already built a reputation for providing an innovative service that supports unique features.

Zoolz works with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android and it offers four plans designed to suit different needs. Although it is not possible to subscribe to a plan in a monthly basis, Zoolz offers reasonable annual fees. The first option is the Basic plan, which provides 100GB of backup space for one computer. This plans costs $14.99 per year, meaning that you are only spending $1.25 per month in online storage. However, it is important to note that this plan doesn’t support external drives.

The next option is Zoolz Plus, a plan that allows you to backup up to 3 computers and that provides 500 GB. With Zoolz Plus, you can backup data from one external/network drive and the cost per year is $49.99 per year, which would be around $4.17 per month. The ideal solution to safeguard the data of multiple users in a household is the Family plan. It provides 1TB of backup space for $79.99 per year (the monthly cost is just $6.67) and supports up to five computers. The Family plan lets you backup 3 external/network drives and provides Premium Support.

If you need to backup a large amount of data, the best solution is the Heavy plan. The most advanced plan from Zoolz for personal users is priced at $299.99 per year (per month, this is about $25) and allows you to backup up to 5 computers, sharing 4TB of storage space. You can backup as many external/network drives as you want. The Heavy plan could also be a good solution for small businesses. All the above plans give you the possibility of enjoying unlimited backup. Your old files will be available until you decide to remove them from Zoolz.

There is a free trial that allows you to try Zoolz for 14 days, giving you enough time to discover what Zoolz can do to ensure that you never lose your valuable data. The free trial only provides 50GB, but it includes all the features that Zoolz supports. You can check if Zoolz is right for you by using the software, website and mobile app before setting a full subscription. In addition, Zoolz has plans especially designed for Business users. They offer support for an unlimited number of users, server backup, file sharing capabilities, web uploads and more.

How Does it Work?
The first thing to highlight about Zoolz is the clean, sleek design of the software, which makes things easy and convenient for all kinds of users, regardless of their level of experience with online backup tools. You can create an account with a few details and download the application from the website. Setting up Zoolz is easy, thanks to a straightforward installer that gets the program ready to start backing up your data within a few minutes. Once Zoolz is installed, you can login and start your first backup job.

Zoolz offers continuous backup, ensuring that you never miss any important change in your files. It automatically monitors your files for updates and enables you to backup them as often as needed. You can select a category of files (for instance, Videos) and all the files of that type will be backed up. It is also possible to choose the specific files, folders or hard drives that you want to include in the back up process. Zoolz also allows you to set up the backup frequency as often as you want, from every five minutes to every week.

Zoolz ensures that your data can be restored without any hassle in case disaster strikes. Even if your computer has been damaged, or stolen, you will be able to retrieve your files through the web portal. If you still have access to your computer, you can restore your data using the desktop client. You just need to go to the dashboard, choose the files, or folders that should be restored, select the location for the data and Zoolz will take care of the rest.

You can also adjust the backup settings and add, or exclude certain folders from backups. With Zoolz you can customize the backup process and skip some files based on their size, or date. You can limit the upload speeds/ throttle bandwidth in a determined timeframe. There is also an option called Presentation Mode, which enables you to pause all the backups while you are busy with other tasks, like watching a movie or playing a game.

Since Zoolz relies on Amazon’s infrastructure, your files are stored in secure storage datacentres around the world. To protect your data during transfer, Zoolz uses 256-SSL encryption and it keeps it safe during storage with 256-AES. In addition, you can use a private encryption key to ensure that only you get access to your files. In terms of support, Zoolz offers efficient assistance, particularly for business users and those subscribed to the Family and Heavy plans. There is live chat option and you can get in touch with their team via email as well. A convenient knowledgebase is also available.

Zoolz provides a great option for anyone who wants to keep all their data. However it is important to keep in mind that while the cold storage technology allows you to keep all your files for lifetime, restoring data from this method can take several hours. Zoolz also offers security for your data, but should be mentioned that its claims of providing a zero-knowledge solution have been heavily questioned. Although the company has reaffirmed its commitment to provide a secure service and has confirmed that their staff don’t have access to files, it seems like in an effort to prevent piracy, they have implemented scanning tools that could compromise the privacy of users’ data. That being said, if you are using the service according to the acceptable terms, you shouldn’t experience any issue as the algorithm is only meant to detect file names related to potentially illegal content. If you are conscious about privacy, this may put you off, but if you are mainly looking for an efficient, long term storage option for important documents and precious memories, Zoolz may be the answer.

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