Firefox Revamp – What is new in Firefox 29

Mozilla recently launched a new version of Firefox with remarkable features including customizable interface and upgraded tabs. This is the 29th version of the browser and even though many of the added features where already present in Firefox’s beta channel, with the official release, the features are now also available in the standard version that users will get once the software is automatically upgraded. In order to know exactly what to expect from the new Firefox, we listed the main aspects that make it special.

Customization option

The first thing that makes Firefox 29 stand out is that fact that it allows you to customize the browser, giving you the option of giving it the appearance that you want. The interface is efficient, easy to use and runs smoothly but there is no doubt that the customization feature that lets you personalize the look of the browser is what defines this new version of Firefox. You can choose your own settings and suit the browser to your own taste by going to the bottom of the menu and clicking on the Customization button.
You have the possibility of reorganize buttons, settings and selections and place them as you prefer on the toolbar or menu. Even though this is also possible with Google’s Chrome, Firefox 29 has the advantage of allowing more control and giving additional options that are not limited to add-ons.

New menu organization

The dropdown list that used to appear once you clicked in “Firefox” on the top left of the screen, has been replaced with menu options that are organized in a framework of icons. You will no longer find the orange Firefox bar but there are more tabs at the top and an additional three-line menu button located at the right side of the search bar.
You can find settings easier with the new menu and you can access the tasks that you use the most as there is an option to pin them. Common functions like Cut, Copy, Paste and Zoom can be located easily at the top so you will not have to waste a lot of time looking for them.

Improved tabs

The new image and attractive interface are only part of the revamp that Firefox has gone through. The tabs look better and you can keep pinned tabs with the sites that you frequently visit for quicker access. You can also open and modify the size of the tabs and reduce them to a thumbnail. This will allow you to see the tabs you have open without needing to scroll down.


The site you are currently visiting would stand out with an opaque tone, while those that you have open but where you are not active will remain in the background and will be transparent. There is also a new feature called Switch to Tab that can help to rearrange your view neatly and will recognize when you start typing in a new tab the URL of a site that is already open. If this happens, Firefox will redirect you to the tab where that website is running, avoiding duplicate pages.

Enhanced Sync functionality

Thanks to Firefox Sync, your browsing history will be shared between your smartphone, tablet and laptop. In Firefox 29, past issues with this application have been solved. For instance, the current version does not require you to enter shortcodes to sync your devices. You just have to sign in with your Firefox account and your search history, as well as your passwords, open websites and other data will be instantly shared.

Social networking option

With the Firefox Share all you need to do to  post content on social media sites such as Facebook is to click one button. This will allow you to share content across different sites to other without needing to open a new tab.

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