What is iOS 8 bringing?

After months of expectation iOS 8 has been officially presented and it seems like it lives up to the promise of offering significant improvements. While users will have to wait until next fall to enjoy everything that the latest version of Apple’s operating system, they can already get a preview of what is coming. Here are some of the main changes from iOS 8 that you can look forward.

Prior to the announcement of iOS 8, the rumours suggested that Apple would aim to make the new version of their operating system more focused on health and fitness. With Healthkit, you can organize and keep all your health apps in one place. Even though we don’t know yet what specific apps would be integrated, it seems like Nike+ and Fibit would be in the list. Users will also be able to share the information collected by Healthkit with their doctors. If Healthkit detects that there is a possible issue with the data obtained from the user, it will notify the doctor or hospital. In the United States, the feature will work in partnership with the Mayo Clinic and Epic Systems, a leading technology supplier for a large number of hospitals.

HomeKit will connect the smart devices in your home through a common network protocol that will allow you to control them at once using Siri. You can use the same voice command to turn off the lights or adjust the temperature of the heating.


When it comes to notifications, iOS 8 will offer you more options when you double tap. With this simple action, you will not only see all your open apps but also thumbnails images of your frequent contacts. This will allow you to call, text or email them by taping on a thumbnail. You can respond to text message easier as you can do it from the home screen and it will not be necessary to open the messaging app. To ignore a text message or notification from Facebook or Twitter, you just need to swipe. There is also an option that will allow you to respond to a notification even when the screen is locked.

There will be more options for users to manage group messages. It will be possible to share details of your location and photos within a group thread. name threads, add and remove people and select Do Not Disturb option for individual message threads.

The Mail app has been improved and it is now more user friendly. All you need to do is to swipe in order to delete or mark messages. You can swipe down when you are composing an email to minimize the draft and access other messages in the inbox. To reopen the draft, tap on the bottom of the screen. It is also possible to import calendar events from your email.

TouchID will be available for third party apps, making it easier for users to log into Twitter or Facebook, as well as buying online. The Finger print data will be limited to the iOS device.

Predictive typing is now available with iOS in the form or QuickType. This intuitive function will suggest words and phrases according to who you are messaging/ texting to and the app you are using.

It is going to be easier to use Siri when you are driving and all you need to do in order to launch the voice assistant is to say “Hey Siri”. Siri will integrate Shazam, the song recognition app, which will allow you to identify and purchase tracks using voice command.

iOS brings new additions for Spotlight and now it is possible to look for apps, news, places of interest, restaurants and even songs, for which Spotlight will gather results from your library as well as from iTunes. You can also look for movies and Spotlight will show you a list of cinemas nearby and streaming options if available.

Family Sharing feature
You can share photos, events, as well as iTunes and files or apps bought on the App Store with up to six members of your family, if the purchases were made using the same credit card. iOS 8 also has an option that will let parents know if their children try to make a purchase online, which will be an effective way of controlling credit card bills.

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