VideoMix -Video Collage Maker for Instagram: An iPhone app that allows you to create Video Collages instantly

While there is a large number of apps that allow you to create photo and video collages on your iPhone, VideoMix from Bits&Coffee, stands out for being fast and simple. You can create amazing collages with your favourite pictures and videos and share them on Instagram or Facebook. VideoMix allows you to make your photo and video collages more interesting and you can even add your favourite song from iTunes. This app offers gorgeous designs, it is easy to use and the editing process is simple, ensuring that you can create stunning collages. You just need to drag and drop to organize the photos and videos within the layout. Thanks to VideoMix, you can bring your photos to life and make your videos more appealing or can combine them to create a full media experience. Here is more of what you get with VideoMix:

VideoMix offers a solid set of features that will ensure that you can enhance your collages and give them your personal touch. You can customize the colour or texture of the frame, add a text title and select the music that you want to be played in the background. It is possible to choose when the song starts to play and you can control the volume for the video and for the background song. VideoMix is available for $0.99 and if you upgrade to Pro for $1.99, you can select from over 70 templates and a wide selection of colours and textures, when you create a video. Upgrading to Pro will also allow you to remove the VideoMix watermark from the collages you create.

You can also add rounded borders to the tile and customize the border width and radius. Alternatively, you can opt for no borders. There is a wide range of background colours and textures to choose from, so you will have many options to create collages that will suit your style. After adding the photos and videos, you can select the song you want to add from your iTunes library. This feature also comes with a switch that allows you to fade out the audio towards the end of the video.

Share your creations
Once you have your video or photo collage (or a combination of both), you can share it with your friends through Instagram or Facebook. You can also send them by email or save them in the camera roll. VideoMix is a convenient solution to create beautiful collages to make your media more enthralling. You can find it in the App Store for $0.99 and for $1.99 you can get Pro. Additional layouts, textures or colours are available for $0.99.

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