Using you Galaxy 5 as a TV remote control

The best smartphones available in the market have a feature that enables them to function as a remote controls for your TV, thanks to a built-in infrared transmitter. Considering that we may have trouble finding the remote control at times but we never seem to lose sight of our phones, it is a good to know that we can turn on the volume, change the channel or adjust the settings of our TV with our mobile device. Smartphones also include a Smart Remote app that you can use to search for films and series from services like Netflix, as well as your cable or satellite TV providers. In order to use your Samsung Galaxy S5 as a remote control for your TV, you need to configure it to work with your TV following the below steps:

1. First you need to set up Smart Remote on your Galaxy S5. To complete this, open Smart Remote and select your country.
2. Enter your zip code and your paid TV provider.
3. To get program suggestions, tap the Personalize button, otherwise, select Skip.
4. If you want personalized content, select the genres that you prefer and uncheck those that don’t catch your attention. Once you have finished your selection, press Next.
5. You also will get the option to choose the sports that you are into and unselect those that do not interest you. Press Next to move forward.
6. By entering your age and gender, you can also get suggestions of shows based in what has proven to be popular in your age group, Once you have finished with these settings, press Done.

Now, you are ready to configure Smart Remote as your TV controller. This is what you need to do:
1. Open Smart Remote, select the remote icon in the top right corner of the display and then press Continue.
2. You will see a list of TV brands so you can select your from the menu. If it is not listed, select Show Other Brands.
3. To test if the remote code works with your TV, tap the Power button that appears onscreen. Press “Yes, This Code 1 Works” if it works, otherwise, select “No, Test Next Code”.
4. Select the source from where you get your TV stations
5. If your source of channels is a set-top box, choose the manufacturer from the menu.
6. To check if the Smart Remote code works with the set-top box, press the onscreen channel button. If it does, select the “Yes, This Code 1 Works”, otherwise select “No, Test Next Code 2”.

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