How to use the Notification Bar on Android

Android devices are versatile and affordable, which makes them a practical option for anyone who wants to connect to internet while on the go. With an Android tablet or phone you can enjoy a great selection of communication, entertainment and information features anywhere you are. Although Android’s interface is not complicated, newbies can do with a little help to get familiar with the way it works. To get started, here are a few tips that will allow you to use the Notification bar on your Android device effectively.

Notification Bar – Phones
The Notification bar is also known as the Status bar as it includes both and you will find it at the top of the home screen on Android phones home screens and at the bottom-right on tablets. The left-hand side of the bar shows notifications from your apps and message services. On the right-hand, you will see basic details about the status of your device.

Status Icons
Status icons provide information about the battery, signal strength, current time, etc. If you have a Google Account added to your phone and the device is connected to Google services, the network icons will turn green when synching your Gmail, Calendar events, backing up settings, contacts and more. If you don’t have a Google account or you are not connected to internet, the network icons will turn white. The most common status icons include Mobile network signal strength, battery level indicator and GPS status.

Notification Icons
The left side of the screen displays information from your apps and services and it is where you will find alerts about missed calls or new emails messages. The apps installed on your Android mobile phone would normally use their own notification icons, but some of the most common notification icons that will let you know that there is something to review are New Voicemail, New text or multimedia message and System update available.

Opening/Closing notifications
You can see the details about any notifications received by pulling down the notification bar and sliding your finger from the top of the screen to display a dropdown list. The information about the notification will be shown as you tap the item, so if for instance the alert is about a new SMS received, you will be able to see the message once you tap the relevant notification. You can dismiss all notifications by pushing the Clear button. In Android 4 and above, it is also possible to access the notifications from the lock-screen. To dismiss each notification you can sweep it to the left or the right.

Notification Panel – Tablets
In some tablets, the Notification/Status panel is also located at the top of the screen, while in others, it will appear when you tap around the clock at the bottom-right. In order to see the details for a specific notification, you can tap it and it will redirect you to the email or the relevant application related to it. To dismiss any notification, you can sweep it to right or to the left.

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