Unique iPhone Cases

A good case to protect your iPhone from damage is essential but for many people, a basic cover is not enough. If you are looking for something really unusual, there are many options available that would suit the craziest styles. You could get a phone shell with a thermal imaging camera or one that resembles a hand. There is something for every taste and if you really want to stand out from the crowd, you will find the right case for you in this list.

Otterbox iPhone 5 Commuter Series 3D Case
It is impossible not to get attention with this neon 3D case from Ottherbox. It does not only offer protection for your iPhone thanks to its two-layer system but it also has a striking appearance. This electric lime case features a skull pattern in 3D, which really stands out. You can get it for around $45.

Flir One
FLIRONE_ViewBFlir will set you back $349 but the reason for that is that it is not just a phone case. It has a built-in thermal imaging camera that could be the perfect tool for outdoor activities and even Ghost hunting. After calibrating the device, you will be able to see thermal energy being transformed into colour images, thanks to the Flir app. Additionally, you can charge your phone using the Flir One battery.


EnerPlex Surfr
iPhone-5-5S-BlackFor $100 you can get this black and orange case with a solar panel to power your phone with just daylight. It also gives you twice the amount of battery that you would normally have. It’s design may not be exactly sleek and it will make your iPhone heavier. However, it will make your battery last and will keep you going on even if you do not have your charger with you or you are on the move.


usb-2 If you are a fan of multipurpose accessories, you will love this case. You get a kickstand, USB stick, headset clip and lens kit , all in one case that is slim and that looks great. The USB stick is available in 4 and 8GB sizes and you can slide it out of the case, which then can be transformed into a kickstand for landscape and portrait view while you are watching a video. It also includes a multi-tool device that includes a screwdriver, bottle opener and more. The ReadyCase starts at a price of $45 and also offers a lens kit with wide, macro and fisheye view for your photos.

Dokkiri Hand Case
For those that want a really different case, go for the Dokkiri Hand Case, which is set to get a lot of attention and looks of disbelief. It attaches a silicon hand to the back of your case so when you hold your iPhone, you can intertwine your fingers with the fake hand that comes out from it. It costs $54, which may be a bit pricy for something that is mainly a funny gimmick, specially since it blocks your iPhone’s camera, meaning that you will need to remove the case whenever you want to take a picture.

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