Unique gift ideas for $20 or less

23 gift ideas for less than $20

Everyday items don’t have to be boring. There is a great selection of useful gadgets that combine functionality and unique design to make the best stocking stuffers. If you want to add fun to your daily tasks, or if you are thinking about small, creative gifts to surprise friends or family, you are likely to find something in this list of unique gadgets. You can find something for anyone for just $20 or less.

Firestash Keyring

Firestash Keyring

True Utility offers an incredibly convenient and stylish keyring that includes a refillable, waterproof lighter. You can bring it with you anywhere you go and at just $12, it is also great value for money.


If you love adventure and spend a lot of time outdoors, you need to get LifeStraw, a useful device that allows you to get access to clean drinking water. It gets rid of 99.9% of waterborne bacteria and it doesn’t require batteries. It is ideal for camping and travelling. You can get it for just over $19.

Pick Punch

Pick Punch – The Original Guitar Pick Punch
If you play the guitar or know someone that does, this practical punch is a must-have. It allows you to make your own guitar picks using old ID cards, hotel room keys or any other plastic cards. You can get it for around $20.

Q-Man Magnets

These colorful magnets from NuOp will bring fun to your fridge or bulletin boards. They are bendable and can hold documents, pictures, notes and more. The price for one magnet is $8.

Evernote Smart Notebook

Moleskine has created a smart notebook that uses Evernote’s camera feature to allow you to capture notes or drawings on your notebook and turn them into digital data. It’s an incredibly practical item available for just $20 and it includes 3 months of Evernote Premium.

Reasons I Love You Stones

Reasons I Love You Stones from RedEnvelope is a unique Valentine gift that lets you express your feelings through nine stones that feature sweet messages. A good option for hopeless romantics, although the price of $20 may be too high considering they are quite simple.

Clipa Bag Purse Hook

If you are not happy with the idea of leaving your purse on the floor, you can rely on this purse hook to hang your handbag from a chair, table or any surface. It is easy to use, discreet and looks well. There are different models available, with prices around $20.

Zippo Hand Warmer

For less than $13, you can get a convenient and stylish metal hand warmer that is the perfect gift for winter. Zippo’s hand warmer is refillable and provides up to 12 hours of heat.

Paper Watch Design Your Own Watch

You have the option to design a truly unique watch with this idea from Suck UK. It comes in a paper like material that allows you to design a watch that matches your style using stencils, paints and adding any decoration you can think of. It’s available from just $8.

Credit Card Lightbulb

This credit card is an innovative and bright idea (literally) that should be on your wallet or purse. Once you move the bulb until it’s upright, the flat card will turn into a great option to illuminate your handbag when you need to look for something. It includes batteries and it only costs $4.

6-in-1 Hammer

Multi-functional products are incredibly practical and this 6 in 1 Claw hammer from Miller Cast includes a screwdriver and a blade set. It features a solid brass handle, iron hammer head and nickel-plated steel. It is available for less than $20.


You can inspire your senses with this fantastic scented-pencils that are an ideal gift to awaken your artistic side and even your appetite as the scents available include Strawberry Cupcake, Jelly Donut and Watermelon. They are made from recycled newspapers and you can get a pack of 10 Smencils for $14.

Origami Sticky Notes

With this idea from Suck UK, you can make sure that your sticky notes really stand out. You can create 10 different origami figures including a penguin, a flower, crane and more. For less than $6 you can add fun to your notes at home and at the office.

Deep Tea Diver

Tea time will be a lot of fun thanks to this diving suit designed tea strainer. This amusing, reusable and microwave/dishwasher safe tea strainer from Fred & Friends is available in different colours and costs only $8.


Toastbags is one of those little things that can make our lives easier. These bags for sandwiches, bagels and anything else that can fit in the toaster, are reusable and very practical. Toastbags are an ideal option for students and anyone with a busy schedule. You can get them for $10.

Whiskey Stones

Teroforma offers you the best way to chill Whiskey and spirits without watering them down. This set of nine stones and storage pouch are made of natural soapstone. Simply freeze them for four hours before use them and enjoy great drinks on the rocks. You can get Whiskey Stones for under $20.

Vinturi Wine Aerator

Wine lovers will love this aerator that ensures that red wine breathes and releases its aroma. You’ll be able to enjoy the flavour and bouquet of a great glass of wine thanks to this product from Vinturi priced at just $18.

Aerolatte Milk Frother

This handheld stainless steel, battery-powered milk frother is easy to use and allows you to whisk hot and cold drinks in seconds. It costs less than $20.

Garlic Rocker

This stainless steel kitchen gadget by Joseph Joseph makes the task of crushing and mincing garlic easy and fun. All you need to do is to rock the tool back and forth over a garlic clove. You can get this practical and well-designed kitchen tool for just $14.

Hickies Shoelaces

Thanks to this elastic shoelaces, you can enjoy a comfortable fit and a unique style. They adapt to your movements, ensuring that you can slip your shoes on and off easily. They are available in a wide range of colours and they are priced at $14.


If it’s time for fun, Maui Toys’ Skyball is what you need to make catch games more challenging. It bounces up to 125 feet. These colourful toys are available from $14.


If you have a long flight, Bananagrams will be a great companion. You can play on your own or bring iyt to a party to compete with your family and friends to create crossword grids. The letter tiles come in a quirky banana pouch. It costs $15.

Magnetic Thinking Putty

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty is an entertaining toy that can also be used for arts and crafts projects. You can stretch it, bend it, tear it or bounce it. It is available for $13.

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