How To Turn On/ Off your iPhone Without The Power Button

Nothing has ever been the same since iPhone appeared in the market. It changed the way we communicate and the way we interact with technology. The popularity of iPhone is massive and it counts with millions of loyal users that trust in their devices for their communication, entertainment and business needs. iPhone is loved by many and those who own one, aim to take good care of their device at all times. However, accidents happen and no matter how much you protect your iPhone, at some point you may drop it or get water spilled near it. If you are lucky, your iPhone will scape without a single scratch but if there is any damage, you are bound to experience issues with some of the features.

Unfortunately, one of the parts that you are more likely to have problems with after an accident is the power button. This is an essential feature on your iPhone but if it is broken or locked, you would not be able to start your device. Before you panic and think that your iPhone is completely ruined, we have listed some simple options that serve as an alternative. Here is what you can do to turn on your phone when the power button is not working.

Switch On
Using a USB cable, connect your iPhone to a computer or any other charging source such as a lightning dock.
After a few minutes your iPhone will start and you will see the Slide bar and will be able to unlock your device.

Restart and Reset
Swipe to unlock your iPhone. Then tap on Settings
Select General and look for Reset. Tap on this option
Slide on Reset Network Settings. This will prompt the iPhone to turn off automatically
Now you can connect iPhone to iTunes to restore your data or restart the device

Assistive Touch

Connecting your iPhone to a charging source is the easiest way to turn it off but you can also use Assistive Touch for an easy way to turn off your device. This is how:
1. Go to Settings
2. Select General and then choose Accessibility. Swipe on this option to switch it on
3. A grey and white icon will appear on the screen and you can tap on it whenever you want to switch off the device
4. Swipe on “Device” and then tap on Lock Screen. Then you will see Power Off screen mode. Slide to switch off the iPhone

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