Truecaller Iphone App

Even before mobile phones had all the amazing features that they offer these days, they were already considered as one of the most convenient and ground-breaking technologies ever invented. After all, they give us the ability of being available at any time and thanks to them, we can ensure that we don’t miss important calls, no matter where we are. However, there are certain calls that we want to avoid and that is something that is not always easy to do. The problem is that if your phone rings and you don’t recognize the number, there is a chance that the person calling is someone that you actually want to talk to.

Some people take the risk and answer the phone only to find out that it is just a telemarketing call that they have no time for. The ideal solution would be to get instant and complete details of the number so that you know exactly who is trying to reach you. Thankfully, that solution is available with TrueCaller, a convenient app that will help you to dodge unwanted calls easily. TrueCaller can identify almost any incoming call, regardless of the number being a landline, mobile or pre-paid.

Established in Sweden in 2009, TrueCaller offers an impressive community-based call identification service. It is available on the web and as an app that is compatible with Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian S40/S60 and Windows Phone. TrueCaller does not only allow you to ignore spam calls, it also gives you the chance of getting in touch with the people you really want to talk to. This is what makes TrueCaller an effective option to improve your mobile phone experience.

TrueCaller is the largest verified mobile phone community in the world thanks to an extensive database that includes billions of numbers that have been identified and rated accordingly. The list is continuously growing and it includes a large amount of numbers that have been marked as spam. The database is regularly updated by TrueCaller’s users who share their experiences to make sure that everyone can to block spammers and avoid nuisance calls.

With TrueCaller you can also search for any number, which allows you to connect easily with companies, financial institutions or public organizations. You can also use the search option to look for friends that are using TrueCaller. Anyone you try to contact will be notified that you are requesting their number and before you get their details, they will need to approve the request. TrueCaller also allows you to keep your contact list updated using your friends’ profile pictures and status updates on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

When you receive a call, TrueCaller alerts you and you can easily configure the Call Filter to add phone numbers that you want to avoid. Apart from relying on information provided by the community, TrueCaller also get data from public directories. Their vast database continues expanding as users contribute reporting spam callers and ensuring that the information is accurate. TrueCaller is a useful app that allows you to identify phone numbers and to block unwanted calls. It also lets you expand your contact list and stay connected with who you want. You can download TrueCaller for free.

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