Trover: An app for iOS that inspires you to discover new places

One of the best things about Internet is that it allows us to see distant places without even moving from home. It opens the doors to the world and let us take a glimpse of the wonders that are out there, ready to be discovered. There are many great images online but if you want to learn more about a place, the best thing is to hear from people that have actually been there. That is the chance that Trover, a fantastic travel app launched in 2011, offers. Trover is an online travel community that gives you access to interesting information and useful facts about many places around the world. You can also share your own experiences and photos from your travels. What makes Trover great is its extraordinary community that shares their impressive knowledge and breath-taking pictures.

Trover is associated with Travelpost but it focuses on the social network aspect of travel, encouraging users to share images of unique places. The travellers that take part in Trover aim to visit the best of every area, including off the beaten path places, in order to help others to recreate a dynamic travelling experience. Through Trover, you will be able to exchange experiences, get helpful tips and ideas for your next destination. Unlike other online communities, Trover can give you the chance to explore a place and to gather knowledge that will help you enormously if you ever decide to take your adventure offline. Many users describe the Trover community as a family, thanks to their willingness to offer great advice and support to other people that are also passionate about discovering the world.

Trover will make you feel like you are actually in a place and the community will show you more than the usual landmarks and places of interest. With images that capture the atmosphere and the culture of the place that you always wanted to see. Thanks to Trover, you may even discover new things about the area where you live in, that you didn’t know that were there. Apart from offering great photos, you can get recommendations, find reviews and learn more about what you can see in certain part of the world. You can share your location with others using geo-tag and you can also participate in travel discussions or meet people that share your interests. Trover is a must have app for anyone that is planning a trip and is looking for advice and some ideas from people that have been there.

When you upload an image to Trover, you do not have to just let the image speak for itself because unlike other apps, Trover allows you to add detailed description and even a full story related to the picture. You can let others discover a place through your memories, adding funny facts or reconstructing your trip in words. With Trover you can be as descriptive as you want and inspire others to go on their own adventure. The Trover community is very active and always willing to share their experience with others. If you want to embark on the trip of a lifetime, Trover will be an ideal companion. You can get this wonderful app for free from the App Store and it is compatible with iPhone and iPad.

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