Best Waterproof Cases for Galaxy S4

Your Galaxy S4 goes with you anywhere. It helps to make your life easier thanks to its great features that allow you to stay in touch with your family and friends, as well as apps that keep you informed and entertained. Since your smartphone is such a valuable device, it is important to keep it protected from any kind of damage. Waterproof cases will give you peace of mind when your accidentally drop your phone into water or when you spill your drink near it. Most of these cases will also offer your phone protection from shock or scratches so even if it falls on the ground, it will be safe. These are some of the best waterproof cases that you can get to make sure that your Galaxy S4 is protected.

Ecostech Waterproof Skin
Protecting your Galaxy S4 doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to make it bulky. You don’t even need a case to keep it safe, thanks to Ecostech Waterproof Skin, a 100% waterproof protective film that also keeps dust and dirt away. Using this transparent skin feels like if your phone was not covered at all. It first the device perfectly and keeps all its functions accessible. It is hermetically sealed to ensure that your phone is protected even after continuous immersion in water. In case there is any water leakage, Ecostech includes pink indicators that will change of colour to alert you. At $9.99, Ecostceh Waterproof skin seem incredibly cheap. However, this a disposable skin and you will need to replace it when you are going to charge the phone.

Krussell Sealbox
Krussell Sealbox allows you to ensure that your Galaxy S4 is protected, even if you to submerge your phone up to 1 meter (3.2 feet) under water for 30 minutes. Even though their cases count with high grade waterproof protection, it is important that the case is closed carefully and that it is used properly to avoid that it gets damaged. They recommend users to test the case before every use, using an object that is not very valuable to check the waterproofness. Krussell SealBox add more bulk than other cases but it can be a good option to protect your phone from light water spillage. It may not be the best option for extreme sports fanatics but if you can be a bargain at $12.95 (Price in Amazon).

iPEGA Waterproof case
iPEGA does not offer a slim design and will certainly add weight and width to your Samsung Galaxy S4. However, it offers a great set of specs that will guarantee that your phone is protected. Another great thing about this case is its affordability. It has an impressive waterproof rating of iP67, which allows it to provide protecting up to 3 meters (6.6 ft) underwater. It will keep your device safe from snow, rain and damp conditions and thanks to its flexibility, it will allow you to access all the functions easily. Keep in mind that the case is not suitable for long time snorkelling. You can get it for under $16.

PureGear PX260
This case promises to guard your Galaxy S4 from extreme weather conditions, thanks to its three layer screen protection system and case coverage. This screw-on case will keep your phone protected from high impacts, as well as dust and splash. It is not suitable for full submersion but it will keep the device safe from accidental spill. You can get easy access to all the functions and ports of the phone. PureGear PX260 is available for $44.99.

Obex Waterproof case

Obex from Seidio offers a protective solution to ensure that water doesn’t get into it. This sleek case is easy to use and its back and front come together to create a barrier that secures your Galaxy S4. It comes with rubber silicone stoppers to guard the USB ports and the headphones input. It does not only protect the device against water and harsh weather conditions, but also against drops and dust. This waterproof case allows you to keep your Galaxy S4 under water (6.6 ft or 2 mt) for half an hour. You can get it for $79.95.

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