Best Wallet Cases for your iPhone 5/5S

An iPhone wallet case can be a practical and stylish way to carry your documents and protect your iPhone. Fans of multi-purpose accessories will love the fact that they can use the same case to keep their valuable possessions: their cards, money and their iPhone, meaning that you will have one less thing to worry about as you can forget about a bulky wallet. There is a wide range of options available if you are looking to get an iPhone wallet case as the popularity of these accessories continues growing. We show you the best wallet cases for your iPhone 5/5s that will allow you to bring convenience and design together. Just make sure that you always keep your iPhone wallet case safe, after all it contains your most important belongings.

SPORT by Dock Artisan

sportDock Artisan has been creating beautiful handcrafted products since 2011 and the applied their creativity in the creation of this leather wallet case that suits iPhone 5 or 5s. SPORT is an elegant wallet case made with quality materials that allows you to carry your device and your documents without adding too much weight. The iPhone is protected with an inner hard case that is attached to the wallet case with magnets and that can be removed easily. SPORT leather wallet case is available in black and brown for $39.99.


iphone_book_bookTwelveSouth are recognized as the manufacturers of some of the best accessories for Apple devices. Their BookBook series of handmade genuine leather wallet cases is highly popular. The BookBook Vol V brings the same beautiful look that other previous TwelveSouth products feature and it is available in Classic Black and Vintage Brown. It is inspired in a miniature old book with an exquisite finish. With BookBook you can add a touch of nostalgia to combine protection for your iPhone and an elegant wallet. At $59.99, the price is considerably higher than other options but if you want your wallet case to stand out, this is the right choice.

SmartFlex by Speck

smartflexIf you are more into modern and practical design, the SmartFlex from Speck is for you. Speck is focused in offering you convenience and nice colour options including Black, Red, Graphite (Grey), Grape (Lilac) and Harbor (Light Blue) to give you a simple but good looking case. While strictly speaking, SmartFlex doesn’t work like a wallet, it does have cut-outs that you can use to carry your cards ad documents. It keeps your iPhone protected and it also has a kickstand that comes handy when you want to watch a video. You can get it from $27.95 to $34.95.


iWallie-iPhone-5You can make your life a bit easier with iWallie, one of the most popular wallet cases for iPhone 5/5s. This leather wallet case is well designed and manufactured with great quality. Inside, you will find slots for your ID, credit cards and money and a case to fit the phone, facing outwards for easy access. The camera can also be used without any issues. While iWallie could be improved to ensure that the iPhone doesn’t slide from its place (maybe the case where its placed could hold it tighter), it is one of the best options available when it comes to wallet cases, thanks to the opening of the case to show the phone’s screen. iWallie cases are available in White/Purple and Black/Green. Prices start are between $26 to $34.

Wally Case

Distil-Union_Wally-Case_iPhoneWally Case from Distil union aims to offer the most convenient and effective solution to combine your wallet and phone protecting case into one easy to carry accessory. Wally is a case in which you can fit your iPhone and in the back there is a leather pocket where you can keep up to 4 items (credit, business or public transport cards, IDs or cash) safe. Your documents will not be visible and you will not need to open the wallet to use your iPhone. To access the content of the back pocket you will simply need to pull a small red strip. Wally case is made of high quality leather, available in black and brown for a cost $49.99.


iflipThe best thing about iFlip wallet cases is that they offer solid protection for your iPhone, even if that means that they sacrifice sleekness. Still, they offer a convenient design with a nice finish and sturdy design that allows you to access your iPhone and use the camera easily. You can also fit your cards and documents in the cuts inside this flip wallet. You can get it fro $29.99.


casecrownCaseCrown is ideal to keep your documents organized and your iPhone secure in style. You will need to open the case and wallet to access your phone but it allows you to enjoy all its functionality while offering you space to hold cards and cash. It is available in baby blue, pink, mint and black and its charming design will appeal many users, even if it is not as sturdy or practical as other options. Still, it does a great job at protecting your iPhone from scratches and letting you carry your cards. You can get it between $15 to $35.

CargoCase by Krome

Cargo Case iphone 5The Cargo Case by Krome stands out for its impressive design and features. It does not only offer great protection for your iPhone thanks to its solid materials but also lets you carry documents, cash and even other accessories such as micro tools. Even though it is heavier than other cases, it gives a lot of useful options such as allowing you to carry more than 10 business cards and up to 5 cards or IDs, as well as bills or other documents. You can also choose to add a hidden mirror in the back and it also has a kickstand. The Cargo Case is available for $39.95.

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