Top News Apps

Staying up to date with the latest news is very important for many people and thanks to technology, knowing what is going on in the world just as it happens is easier than ever. News apps allow you to enjoy fast access to content that interests you. The best news apps offer great features that include personalized content and the possibility of combining several news channels in one. Here’s a list of the top news apps available right now.


This app allows you to customize your news by letting you select the topics of your interest and the magazines or publications that you prefer. You can sort the content by category and their 2.0 version gives users the possibility of picking news or blog entries to include them in your own personal magazine and organize them as you wish. You can also post your customized magazines through social media websites or share them with other Flipboard users. You can access your top news from any device and subscribe to other users’ personal magazines. Flipboard is free to download and is available for Android and iOS.

News Republic

With News Republic you personalize your screen and choose the topics you want to see displayed easily. You also get a visual description of any breaking news that may interest you and their Tag Naw news navigation system allows you to browse similar topics and the 3.0 version offers an improved catalogue includes a wider range of sources so you can access more news. You can download News Republic for free and access it with Android, iOS, Windows 8 and Blackberry 10 devices.


Thanks to Pulse, you can access content from popular magazines, newspapers, social media sites and even your favourite personal blogs in the same place. There is even an option to sync with websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Youtube so you will get the latest updates and viral videos. Pulse also allows you to read news and enjoy content offline and you can save articles that interest you with Read It Later, Evernote or Instapaper. They device synching option enables you to access your favourite content from your phone or tablet anytime. Pulse is a free app, available for iOS, Android and Windows 8.


The idea of playing your news as songs is possible with Taptu, an app that allows you to browse through the content that matters to you easily. As  their tag says, with Taptu you can “DJ your news” and get the news that interest you in one place. Their StreamStudio combines news and content from different sources into one and you can rename it and organize it to suit your needs. Taptu Magic is a feature that recognizes the content that you prefer and customizes your newsfeed accordingly. You can log into Taptu through social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook, allowing you to share content with your friends. Taptu is available for Android and iOS and you can get it for free.


Based on the content that you access, Zite can identify the topics that interest you and tailors the news, articles, posts and videos that it delivers to you. You can also provide feedback by marking down any articles that does not meet your needs. This way, Zite will improve and customize the content that you receive.  One of the best things about Zite is that even if you do not look for a particular story or topic, it will feature content that may interest you, thanks to the auto-suggest tool. It  also offers a large number of topics to choose from (over 40000) so you will always find something of interest. You can get Zite for free for Android and iOS.

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