Top Music Streaming Apps for iPhone & iPad

Music is a great companion for every moment of our lives and can have a deep impact in our mood. That explains why we have put so much effort in creating devices and technology that allow us to listen to the songs we love, anywhere we go. Smartphones and music streaming are a perfect combination to enjoy your favourite tracks conveniently and at any time. If you are an iPhone owner, iTunes would be the first option that comes to your mind when it comes to music streaming. However, there are other great apps available from the App Store. These apps will allow you to stream music online, download tracks or have the right playlist available offline when you want to bring live to a party. Here are the best music apps for iPhone.

Beats Music
Beats Music counts with deals with the most important music labels, meaning that it can offer an impressive selection of tracks. The highlight of Beats Music is its amazing personalization system that gives you recommendations based on your listening habits. It offers great playlists created by music experts that can help you to discover your next favourite artists. Prestigious publications such as Rolling Stones have served as guest curators so you are guaranteed to enjoy high quality playlists with Beats Music. There is no free version for Beats Music and you can only enjoy its service with a subscription that costs $9.99 per month. However, the fact that Apple recently acquired Beats Music means that iPhone users can expect great features and extras to be included in the near future.

Spotify is hugely popular with good reasons. First of all, it counts with an extensive catalogue of songs that will suit every musical taste. Whether you want to listen to the hit songs that are topping the mainstream charts or you prefer to discover new music, you are guaranteed to enjoy a great experience.With Spotify, you are very likely to find any song you want, even if you are looking for really obscure bands.  Additionally, Spotify has exclusive agreements with some of the best music labels around the world, meaning that you will be able to find songs that are not available in any other streaming service. Spotify’s free version offers unlimited streaming with ads. You can listen to full albums or the entire available catalogue from your favourite artist, create playlists and search for any song you want to listen to while you are connected to internet.  With the Premium version (which costs $9.99) you can enjoy the music you love without any ads and with very high quality, even when you are offline.


Just like Spotify, Rdio counts with a large selection of songs to ensure that you can find what you are looking for. This app stands out for its attractive look and great user interface that allows you to enjoy music streaming for free on your iPhone and iPad.  If you upgrade to Premium, you will also be able to enjoy the music you want, wherever you are without requiring an internet connection.  Another benefit of being a Rdio Premium subscriber is that there is not limit on the numbers of offline tracks that you can save. As long as you have the space on your device, you can store as many songs as you want and enjoy them with great audio quality. The  downside is that at $14.99 for Apple users, Rdio is more expensive than other music services.

While Pandora‘s catalogue is not one of the largest, it offers great quality and top artists. When you pick an artist’s station, Pandora plays a fine collection of music based on your selection. Pandora is recognized for the quality of their playlists, with songs carefully chosen to create the perfect listening experience. You can enjoy the ad-supported version for free or get Pandora One for $4.99 per month to enjoy high quality audio without ads.

With Songza, you can enjoy music that suit every moment. All you need to do is to let Songza know what you are doing and it will play songs that are perfect for your activity. This works great when you are in the gym and need music to give you a boost or when you are having a party and want Songza to be your personal DJ. In fact, Songza’s playlists are created by professional DJs and music experts to ensure that you enjoy the best experience according to what you want. The free version of Songza will allow you to enjoy the customized streaming experience with ads.  If you want to enjoy music without ads interruption, you can subscribe to Club Songza to enjoy Premium content for $3.99 per month. Keep in mind that since Songza’s focus in on offering a customized music streaming experience, you will not be able to enjoy music offline.

With a library of over 13 million songs and expert curation to guarantee that you get the best listening experience in any genre, Slacker is another good option to enjoy music in your iPhone. Slacker doe snot only cater for music lovers. It is also an ideal option for Sports fans as it provides access to stations such as ESPN, with coverage for major sport events. You can also enjoy comedy stations, talk shows and news. The ad-supported version is free and lets you stream their diverse content online. The premium subscription starts at $3.99 for their Radio Plus option, which provides access to your favourite songs offline and for the ultimate listening experience you can upgrade to their Premium service for $9.99.

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