Best iMovie Alternatives for Windows

Mac users can rely on iMovie to enjoy a wide range of options to enhance their videos. With this video editing application, you can organize your clips and browse them easily, create trailers, or even full movies and share them online with only a few clicks. There are many powerful features that make iMovie an incredible solution for aspiring directors and anyone who wants to ensure that their videos are truly unique.

The problem is that since iMovie is an Apple product, its compatibility is limited to Mac and iOS. However, that does not mean that users of other platforms like Windows have to miss out on the chance of turning their clips into movies that resemble Hollywood productions.

Here you will find a list of great alternatives to iMovie that are also compatible with Windows XP/7 & 8.

Movavi Video Suite

Movavi is one of the first options that you will come across while searching for iMovie alternatives for Windows.

This software offers similar options, including as a user-friendly interface and powerful editing features that let you split, crop, merge, rotate and enhance your videos. The software includes professional filters such as Color Balance, Chroma Key, Denoise and more.

Content can be easily imported from sources like web cameras, DV/AVCHD camcorders and VHS. With Movavi, you can edit 2D and 3D videos, add special effects and transitions to make your videos unique and captivating. It lets you create engaging presentations with photos, video, music and voice over.

There are multiple templates to tell a story and when you complete your video project, you can upload it to YouTube or burn it to a DVD. Movavi makes the video editing process fast, easy and fun.

Corel VideoStudio Pro X7

If you are looking for the closest thing to iMovie, Corel VideoStudio ProX7 may be the best choice.

This is a comprehensive video-editing solution that provides advanced editing features, amazing effects, screen recording and incredibly fast performance.

Corel VideoStudio ProX7 includes options like high-quality, multi-layered graphics and titles in 2D and 3D, which makes it suitable for experienced users. Still, its interface is so simple and clever, that beginners will have no issues using this software.

VideoStudio Pro X7 lets you unleash your creativity with the innovative FastFlick movie-making mode, which provides unbeatable speed. Corel provides useful tutorials and guides that help you to get the most out of the tool.

Magix Movie Edit Pro

This is one of the most sophisticated tools that you can find to edit your videos. The latest edition offers an enhanced interface that is easier to use and that includes a great selection of features that will allow you to create a masterpiece.

Magix is simple to manage and its layout is designed to ensure that you can access all the options available without complications. You can import clips from memory cards, digital cameras, camcorders, etc.

Magix Movie Edit Pro lets you use footage from different sources in the same project and to arrange multimedia tracks conveniently.

There are many templates for special effects, animations and background music to choose from.

Advanced users can also opt for the Pro Plus, which offers HD and 3D support.

Windows Live Movie Maker

This free movie maker is recognized for being very easy to use and for offering a simple way to create stunning presentations and movies, using your photos, videos and music.

You can add special effects and enjoy a wide range of features to make your videos stand out. Windows Live Maker also lets you share your creations easily on YouTube, Facebook or other online platforms.

The application offers an appealing design, it is intuitive, hassle-free and it is the ideal solution for beginners. With Windows Live Movie Maker you can use transitions, animations and multiple useful options to create tutorials, add a special touch to your holiday videos and more. It is a practical option for anyone who wants to explore their film-making skills.

Adobe Premiere Elements 13

Adobe offers another great option that gives users all the necessary tools to create short films, slideshows, presentations, or even a full-length movie.

The program lets you use parts of your clips to create a movie in a few easy steps and it also includes a variety of options to enhance the image of your productions, and effects to make them stand out. You can share your videos online via YouTube, or burn them to a DVD. You can also add animation effects to movie titles, or use focus effects to highlight them.

With Adobe Premiere Elements‘ Video Story function, you can ensure that the videos of special occasions like birthdays, or weddings, really capture the best moments and tell a story.

The application takes care of transitions, background music and trimming. Adobe Premiere Elements 13 includes over 50 musical scores and 250 sound effects.

TechSmith Camtasia

TechSmith’s Camtasia will make you feel like a professional videographer, even if you have no experience at all, but ease of usage is only one of the advantages of Camtasia.

The movie software includes a solid set of features that will enable you to create high quality video presentations that can be shared at any time.

Camtasia is ideal for companies and schools that need to produce interactive training material as it lets you record anything on your screen with just one click, and you can links, search function, table of contents and more options to your videos.

You can also capture photos and videos with your mobile device and then transfer the content to Camtasia for editing, with the help of TechSmith Fuse, the free app that makes the process simple.

Camtasia also gives you access to a variety of visual effects, options to animate content and a media asset library.

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