Top Free Android Voice Recorder Apps

There are many occasions in which using a voice recorder is the most convenient way of retaining important information. A voice recorder is essential for students who don’t want to miss any detail of a lecture, journalists who need to catch everything that is said during an interview, musicians who get instant inspiration for a song or anyone who needs to take voice notes on the go. With the voice recorder apps that are available for your Android device, you will be able to capture every idea that is worth keeping. Here are the best free options available.

Smart Voice Recorder

This voice recorder from SmartMob offers great features that will allow you to capture high-quality sound for hours without any hassle. It is perfect for recording long speeches, full lectures, your friends’ karaoke debut, paranormal sounds over night or any special event you can think of, without interruption. It is a very practical recorder that offers a user-friendly interface and strong functionality. Smart Voice Recorder works better for Android phones and includes live audio spectrum analyser, microphone calibration tool, automatic and manual options for Skip silence mode and much more.

Voice Recorder

Lovekara’s Voice Recorder is truly simple and also includes useful features that will let you capture sound and organize your recordings easily. You can record hundreds of hours of audio and save files in mp3 format, which helps you to save space on your phone. There are seven options to adjust the quality of sound so you can select high quality when it is really needed or opt for a lower level to use less space. Background recording is supported to allow you to record audio, even when you are using the phone for other tasks. Accessing and managing your recordings is also effortless thanks to this voice recorder.


Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder

Markus Drosser has created an excellent voice recorder that offers clear sound and a good set of features that will suit any situation. It is ideal for taking voice notes or recording interviews, but you can also use it to record audio and you can save files as wav or 3gp. You can access the app easily via widget and it is possible to record in the background while the screen is off. Tape-a-Talk lets you share recordings via email or upload them to Dropbox. The best thing about this voice recorder is that it has convenient functions to manage your recordings as you can cut them (WAV only), rename them or set them as your ringtone.


Easy Voice Recorder

A voice recorder should be easy to use and as the name indicates, this app from Digipom complies with that requirement. Easy Voice Recorder lets you use your Android phone or tablet as a high-quality sound capture device that goes with you anywhere. This app can record voice in PCM format and output WAV files with sharp quality. It is not even necessary to launch the app to start recording as it only takes one tap to control the recorder with a home screen widget. Sharing and managing your recordings is also very simple and you can save them to your PC.



DaRecorder has a simple interface that will make things easy when you want to record audio anywhere you are. This multipurpose sound recorder by SoomSoft allows you to capture music, speeches, nature sounds or anything that you need to keep. It supports mp3, FLAC and Ogg Vorbis to ensure that you can enjoy good sound quality without sacrificing efficiency and capacity. You can capture audio for as long as you need and record discreetly using background recording mode.


RecForge Lite

Recording, editing and sharing sounds, notes, voice or any audio is quite easy with this recorder created by Dje073. It offers a good set of options to adjust the quality of sound or to edit your recordings to keep only the parts that are really relevant. You can record in mp3, Ogg and WAV formats, share your tracks via email, social media or upload them to SoundCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive and more. It is also great for managing your recordings as you can find them by date, name or size and play them anytime you want.



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