Top File Managing Apps for iPhone & iPad

iOS is designed to take out the focus from files and folders in order to offer a system that is simple to use. However, many users need to use their iPad/iPhone or iPod touch to access documents while they are on the go and for them, it may be easier to control their tasks by creating folders and files and having the capacity to edit or delete them, if required. A file management app will allow you to administer your files when you are using your Apple device. With a good file management app you can create, copy, edit or delete files of different types and formats and store them. Here is the list of the best apps to handle your files efficiently.

File Manager Pro
File Manager Pro offers a complete solution to download, view and organize your files to allow you to access them from your iPad or iPhone whenever you need them. You can connect with Google Drive, SkyDrive, Dropbox and other popular storage services to allow you to access your stored files easily and it allows you to upload or download them to your device. You can sync all your files on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch via iCloud. The document viewer feature supports PDF, Microsoft Office documents and more. File Manager Pro also has in-built players to watch your videos or listen to your mp3 tracks. Additionally, it comes with password-protect option to ensure that your files can only be accessed by you.

At $4.99, File Manager Pro is one of the priciest apps on the list but the wide range of features justifies the cost. There is also a Premium version available for $0.99, which offers many of the same features that you can get with Pro. The user interface is also easy to use in the Premium version, even though it looks different and the options are organized in tabs to choose your favourite folders, files or settings. A free version of File Manager (with ads) is also available.

iStorage 2 HD
Even though iStorage‘s interface is not as user-friendly as other options, it is worth the effort required to adapt to it, thanks to all its fantastic features. iStorage includes photo editor, web browser as well as other useful options. You can access Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents, as well as PDF and iWork files easily. It also gives you the option of playing media files such as videos and music tracks. You can determine how your files are organized and edit them with its versatile text editor. You can also connect with Google Drive, Dropbox and other services in order to browse, download or upload your file. iStorage also allows you to access and manage your photo library to edit and store your pictures in cloud storage services. The app is available for iPhone and iPad for $4.99.

Files App
If your main concern when looking for a file managing app is that it makes things simple, you should consider Files App. You will get used to the way this app works easily thanks to its simplicity and intuitive interface. The folders are easy to access and you can choose how you want your files to be organized. You can access PDF and MS Office files, as well as your photos, music and videos. You can drag and drop files and folders from your PC or Mac in the app and Files App also connects with Dropbox, Box or Google Drive. Even though SkyDrive is not supported and the app doe snot include a web browser, Files App supports many file formats and helps you to organize your files with a few taps. You can download Files App from Apple’s App Store for $2.99.

Document 5
Readdle offers a simple yet impressive app that lets you view and manage all your files, regardless of their format and type. This app is a great PDF reader (with option to highlight text) and media player and you can navigate and access different options such as Documents and iCloud easily. You also have the option to access your files from cloud storage services supported by the app including Dropbox, SkyDrive CloudMe and Google Drive or save documents in the cloud and you can get all your files together through iCloud. Apart from being a complete app to view your files, Documents 5 is one of the most popular options thanks to its clear interface and the fact that it is free.

This app combines ease of usage and a wide range of useful features to ensure that you can manage your files effectively. With iFiles, you can view PDF (with the possibility of highlighting text), Word or iWorks files, as well as pictures. It enables you to access files on your iPhone or iPod touch from your PC or MAc with Wi-Fi Drive. iFiles gives you the possibility of editing text, recording audio or playing music and you can share your files with other iPod Touch or iPhone users. You can transfer, rename, cope, create or delete folders on your iPad. For $3.99 you can download iFiles from the App Store to start enjoying its simple interface and varied features.

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