Top Bumper cases for iPhone 5/5S

Even though a hard case can protect your iPhone much better, many users opt for bumper cases in order to avoid adding extra bulk to their device. Bumper cases are convenient, cheaper and keep all the functions of your iPhone easily accessible, thanks to the minimal coverage they offer. They are also appealing for users that want to be able to appreciate every details of their iPhone’s design whenever they use it. If protecting your iPhone from what may happen if it falls is not your top concern, a bumper case can be a decent and specially, affordable option to minimize the damage. These are some of the best bumper cases that you can get for your iPhone 5/5S.

SPigen Neo Hybrid
spidgenSpigen’s Neo Hybrid bumper case offers quality and a design that will not add extra weight or bulk to your iPhone, while it protects the outer edge of the device. It fits the iPhone perfectly and lets you choose form a wide variety of colours. It also comes with a screen and back protector. The usual price is 29.99 but you can find it for much less ($19.99) and enjoy a good bumper case that meets your need of slim, weightless design and some level of protection.

i-BLASON Bumper Case
iblazonIf you are looking for durability, you won’t go wrong with this bumper case for iPhone 5/5S from i-BLASON. It fits well on the phone, allowing you to fit in the adaptor easily and it also promises to boast your iPhone’s antenna reception. One thing that may bother some users is the fact that i-BLASON’s logo is displayed on one side of the bumper. However, this is a minor issue as it can be easily scratched or covered besides and for a price of under $7, it is not something that should stop you from getting this bumper case.

Borderline Case by Poetic
borderline1Poetic’s Borderline case for iPhone 5/5S, has a glossy design and a and custom built-in volume and power buttons. All ports, speakers and mic are accessible and the grey borders around the edges allow a perfect grip. It should be noted the Poetic logo is also displayed on the side, which some users would prefer not to have but it is very subtle. The retail price is $14.95b which makes it higher than other options, but you can get a great deal online and find for a price as low as $4.95.

Photive Hybrid
photive1Photive offers an appealing, flexible design that fits the iPhone 5/5S perfectly, adding minimal bulk and keeping all the main features of the device uncovered. This bumper case comes with cut-outs that match exactly the volume, speaker and other features. It is available in a wide variety of colours including blue, yellow, green and pink to add a touch of fun to your device. You can acquire this bumper case for just $9.95.

Catchif offers a resistant bumper case specially designed for iPhone 5 with a simple look and an emphasis in affordability. The frame is strong enough to offer shock protection but also flexible to ensure that you feel comfortable using it. It sports a perfect cut-out for the lighting connector and costs only $5.95

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