Top Apps for your Rooted Android Smartphone or Tablet

Rooting your Android smartphone or tablet allows you to get full administrative access for your device. This is a process that may require complicated steps depending on the device you intend to root but if you are able to complete it, it can offer multiple advantages. For instance, you could boost the battery life and speed of your device or unlock features that would not be available otherwise. In summary, rooting your phone or tablet would give you the possibility of enjoying your device the way you want. In order to make the most of this almost unlimited permission, you need to get the apps that will let you enjoy the rooted experience. This is a selection of the best apps for your rooted Android device.

ES File Explorer
This is one of the most popular management tools available for Android. It is a multi-functional app that acts like a file/ download manager, cloud storage client that works with services such as Google Drive, SkyDrive, Dropbox, Amazon S3 and more. With ES File Explorer you can share your files trough With ES File Explorer you can share your files, including pictures, videos and presentations and you can access them on your Android device as well as your PC. On rooted devices, you can access any level of the file system and modify the permissions to get higher control of your device. The best thing is that this top-rated app is free.

Titanium Backup
With this powerful app, you will be able to backup your entire device, as well as specific apps and their data. It is particularly handy when you have installed a new ROM as it helps you to avoid reinstalling each app that you had prior to the installation. With Titanium Backup, you can restore your apps without issues. It allows you to schedule backups automatically, transfer apps to the SD Card to free up some space in the internal storage. You will only be able to sync app data with Cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox, so you will have access to your apps and reinstall them in a new device if required. You can get a free version of this app for your rooted device.

If you want to get detailed information (beyond the basic data that Android offers by default) about the apps that are consuming a large chunk of your device’s battery, you can get BetterBatteryStats. It lets you identify quickly the apps that are using up your device’s battery and it even provides suggestion to solve the matter and preserve the battery. In summary, it comes with features that will help your battery life last longer such as the possibility of measure if certain actions would actually reduce the battery drainage. You can get this app for $2.89.

ROM Manager
ROM Manager is a versatile app that offers you the possibility of download and install the best ROMs (Read-Only memories or firmwares) for your device. The free version allows you to manage your ROMs with a convenient user interface, install ROMs from your SD card, as well as organizing and performing backups and restores within Android. The Premium version costs $5.99 and offers you added features including automatic backups, notifications to let you know when your ROM has been updated as well as access to Backup Download Server that allows you to transfer backups as zips that can be flashed to your PC.

Tasker allows you to automate almost every process on your device. This will be useful in many situations, such as when you want to have an outgoing text message to notify callers that you are not available to take the call or when you want your music to play with just one command. All you need to do is to set up a rule to automate any process you want and Tasker will complete the work for you. Tasker costs just $2.99 and it is an effective way to make things easier for you.

This app can be used as a stand alone tool or along with custom ROMs and kernels to improve your device’s performance or boost its battery life. You can also set up different profiles to optimize its processor to allow your phone to reveal all its multitasking possibilities. With SetCPU you will be able to control your device’s CPU/GPU for only $1.99.

Rootcall Blocker Pro
Rootcall Blocker is the most powerful call blocking app available for Android. It block unwanted calls and text messages from selected numbers. It is easy to use and enables you to set up a list of numbers to be blocked. When you use Rootcall Blocker Pro, you phone will not even ring and the screen will not turn on, you can also block or ignore calls as they come. For $7.99, you can enjoy all the advantages that this app offers, such as the ability to reject unknown/ private or restricted numbers and effectively block spam calls and texts by number or block area codes or countries.

System Tuner
Get complete control of your phone or tablet’s settings and profiles with System Tuner, an app that allows you to see how long processes have been running, or discover which ones are running on the background. You can also check the temperature of your device’s processors and use it to identify the apps that are using up more space. It allows you to freeze or unfreeze apps and control their startup and notifications. You can get the free version or upgrade to their Pro version for $5.99.

Another great app to improve the performance and battery life of your phone, Greenify allows you to detect the apps and processes that are running in the background and consuming memory and battery life unnecessarily. It identifies possible threats as well, as it can recognize possible malicious apps and goes even further by allowing you to get rid of the app. With Greenify, you can enjoy a seamless performance and avoid that your battery is wasted. You can use it for free or pay $2.99 for the donation package that offers additional experimental features.

Screencast Video Recorder
This useful app allows to you to capture video and audio recordings of your phone screen in high quality MPEG4. You can play the recordings on any device. This app is great for creating tutorials, keeping track of your gaming skills or anything else you need. You can also use it to take screenshots easily by pressing the search key of your phone. Screencast Video Recorder is available for $3.99.

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