Top 20 Must Have Free Apps for iPad and iPhone

There are over one million apps available in Apple’s app store for any use that you can possibly imagine. Whether you are looking for apps for music, fitness, languages or business, you can be sure that you are going to find the ideal app. While it is true that a large quantity does not equal quality and even though not every app available is perfect, there are many great options that deserve a place in your Apple device. Many of the best apps available for iPhone are free so you can enjoy a useful or entertaining option without paying anything. We selected 20 apps from Apple’s App store that you should have.

There is no doubt that this popular and convenient app has to be on your iPhone. It is not only easy to set up and to use but it also offers a great communication experience. You can enjoy WhatsApp for free for the first year and afterwards you would only have to pay $0.99 per year. WhatsApp allows you to send text messages, pictures and short video and voice messages.

Brewster allows you to save your phone and your social network contacts in one place. You can combine data from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, Instagram and Foursquare and access it easily in this app, that way you will have all the numbers, email addresses and usernames you need handy. Additionally, you can view the information organized by location, work or frequent contacts.

This augmented reality browser lets you search for nearby places of interests such as restaurants and museums using your device’s camera and location data. All you need to do is to type what you are looking for, for example “coffee shops” and then move your iPhone up to scan the area around you and you will get a detail of the places that match your searching criteria near where you are. Download here.

Biz Stone, one of the founder of Twitter, has recently turned his attention to Jelly, an app that allows you to send questions to your contacts when you want to find out about a particular place or object. You just need to take a picture with your iPhone’s camera and forward it along with a question to your contacts. They can send you a response directly or pass it on to someone else if they do not know the answer. That way you can find the solution through a network of knowledge and you also have the option of sending a thank you can to the users that help you.

One of the most recognized trivia games for iOS, QuizUp offers a clean, user-friendly interface that contains a large selection of trivia questions in different categories . You can play against others users from around the world by simply choosing the category that you want. The app will find an opponent for you and then you can enjoy highly entertainment fast rounds. The person that answers the questions quicker will be crowned as the winner. You can also play against contacts from your social networking and chat with other players.

Camera Awesome

If you are looking for a great selection of features for your camera, this is the app for you. Thanks to Camera Awesome you will be able to make the best our of your camera. With features such as exposure adjustment, composition guides and the chance to make improvements on your images with just one touch, you are guaranteed to get amazing photos every time. There are also options to transform your photos with filters, textures and more tools that you can get for free or for a small price within the app. You can share your photos through Facebook, Instagram or Flickr.

This is another great app to make your photos better thanks to features that allow you to enhance your photos with only one touch. You can use Auto Correct to improve your shots by adjusting the colour or contrast with a slider or a quick touch. There are many options to refine your shots such as “Selective Adjust” mode, which allows you to retouch specific parts of the photo.

Sketchbook MobileX
Sketchbook MobileX is an impressive app that will let you enjoy a fluid drawing experience. This app allows you to count with the same technology of the powerful Sketchbook Pro by Autodesk for free and thanks its detailed graphics and comprehensive set of features, you are set to get the best tool to support your drawing skills.

Plants vs Zombies 2
This sequel game meets the expectations allowing players to move through different Historical settings to face entertaining challenges. From Ancient Egypt to the Wild West, players will be able to enjoy amusing graphics and put their tactical abilities to the test. There are new zombie threats including Pirate zombies and defence options such as Boomerang and the Lighting Reed.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary
The prestigious Merriam-Webster Dictionary is now available as an app for iOS with great interactive functions. You can type any word or say it out loud in order to find definitions, synonyms and antonyms. You can rely on this app even if you are not connected to internet so it works whenever you need and wherever you are.

This is a well-known video editor that anyone can use. Magisto is so easy to use that even if you do not have technical skills or video editing knowledge, you will have the possibility of creating great clips following simple steps. Select the photos and videos that you would like to include in the video, add a title and then choose audio tracks for the clip. The app will process the clip for you and will display the best snaps and video clips and even adds special effects to match the music and image/video selection. Magisto is a great solution for creating clips for YouTube.

TuneIn Radio
You can listen to radio stations from anywhere in the world thanks to TuneIn. It offers an extensive selection of commercial and independent radio stations with a great variety of content. You can look for stations through the browsing option to find an specific category (from sports to classical music) or search by location or name of the station. TuneIn gives you the option to save your favourite stations or try the options they recommend based on your preferences.


With Pocket you can enjoy articles, pictures and videos offline. It allows you to select content and save it for later viewing. It’s interface is simple to ensure that you can access the content you want to read or watch easily. Pocket allows you to sync your devices so you can start reading an article in your iPad and continue reading later on your iPhone.


DuoLingo can really make learning a new language a fun experience. You can play while you study languages such as German, French or Italian. DuoLingo offers quizzes, listening and speaking exercises and other learning activities presented as a game. You can complete different levels and advance in your language skills while having fun. You also have the option to try out your proficiency in a language by translating short texts taken from internet.


One of the most used fitness apps, Runkeeper works with your phone’s GPS to record your progress in activities such as running, hiking or cycling. It keeps track of the distance, pace, time, as well as calories burned to help you get a clear idea of your progress. You can also take and tag pictures while you are exercising. It works with numerous apps and services to offer you detailed reports and options to provide the ultimate exercise experience.

XE Currency

You can easily manage currency conversion queries with XE Currency, an app that offers live currency rates and reports for every currency in the world. It is one of the most practical tool for tourism and business trips or for those who need to stay updated with financial information. With XE Currency you can check up to ten currencies at the same time and get regular updates.

ESPN Score Center
If you love sports, you need to get ESPN’s Score Center to get access to all the information about your favourite teams and events. You get scores and data about the latest matches, as well as news and experts’ analysis, as well as video highlights. Additionally, you can access WatchESPN to keep up with what is going on live.

Great ideas can come to us at any time and thanks to Evernote, you will never miss that moment of inspiration. You can take notes or images at any time and then access them from any of your devices, making it an ideal app for people that are constantly on the go and that need to keep information handy wherever they are. It is also possible to share your notes via email, post them on social media sites or send them for printing.

RedLaser from eBay is the perfect companion for your shopping. You just need to use your iPhone’s camera to scan the barcode of a product and the app will browse internet to help you find information about the item including reviews and where you can find it for the best price. It also lets you search for the best discounts and special offers available.

Documents Free
Opening and Creating Word or Excel documents from your iPhone or iPad is simple with Documents Free from Savy Soda. You can access Office files and it also offers a synching functionality with Cloud storage services such as Skydrive, Dropbox or Google Docs to save your documents without using up space on your device. This app wil work great when you need to make small changes on a document or read an important report while you are on the go.

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