Top 10 DNS Hosting Providers

Learn Why You Need A Great DNS Provider

DNS or Domain Name Systems are essential to guarantee the smooth performance of your website. A DNS can translate IP addresses recognized by servers and routers into user-friendly website names (.com,.net, etc). Managing and storing records for multiple domains can be a challenging task unless you use a convenient method that allows you to control things in a reliable and simple way.

DNS is crucial to ensure that your website is accessible. Many websites use only one DNS service, but in order to prevent disruptions and ensure that your website is always up and running, the best option is to use two different DNS providers.

With the increase of DDoS attacks, it is particularly important for website owners to make sure that their website is covered on all fronts. High-quality DNS is fundamental for the redundancy of your website and using two providers will ensure that your website keeps working because if one provider fails, the other one will keep your website available.

graphs of DNS performance analytics on a laptop screen
DNS Hosting Providers are critical for website performance. Photo by Luke Chesser.

We’ll help you to find the best options for your website with this list of the best DNS providers available at this time. They stand out for offering solid solutions for free, or for a low price.


FreeDNS is one of the most popular names in the industry. This well-established DNS provider supports millions of members around the world. The fact that it offers a free solution will appeal to many people, particularly those who need a simple solution that supports DNS, Dynamic DNS, Static DNS services, domain hosting, and many other services for free. A premium option is also available if you require increased account capacity.

Hurricane Electric Internet Services

California-based company Hurricane Electric is recognized as the largest IPv6 backbone available. It uses h3 technology and it can guarantee impressive connectivity thanks to its powerful global network. It is a remarkable DNS solution that you can use for free.


EntryDNS has become the favorite DNS provider for thousands of users, thanks to the fact that it offers a good quality solution that won’t let you down. It supports features such as dynamic DNS record updates, unlimited domain hosting, dynamic DNS record updates, an easy API solution to update and change DNS records, and unlimited subdomain hosting. It enables you to manage and control your domains and records without complications.


Namecheap is convenient, simple and it offers a reliable DNS infrastructure with servers located across the world. Even if you haven’t registered your domain with Namecheap, you can still enjoy the benefits of their h3 network. The FreeDNS option allows users to get high-quality DNS hosting in case you didn’t get this feature from your domain registrant.


This cloud computing and server provider has extensive experience that allows them to provide great speed and reliability in the free DNS service that it supports.

It is particularly good for individual users or small businesses that want to secure the functionality of their DNS in a simple, yet effective way.

Rackspace will allow you to control your DNS with their Cloud Control Panel and API. The interface is clear and simple, but this feature-rich DNS solution is also very powerful.


Rage4 is an affordable DNS option that provides advanced features for business sites, as well as smaller websites that deal with less traffic. It supports Anycast DNS, which allows domains to be served from their own stack anycast network. The company has headquarters in Ireland and it offers the option of paying for a monthly plan or on a pay-as-you-go basis.


Nsone aims to stand out by delivering innovation through its data-driven DNS. It provides anycast network, solid API, and advanced features that include powerful traffic management algorithms that can support cloud-based environments available nowadays. This is the right option for developers who need to upgrade their current infrastructure while keeping complete control over their network.


Pointhq features PointDNS, an effective, comprehensive, and conveniently priced DNS service. This is an ideal solution for cloud developers as it offers an API that allows you to include DNS management in your systems and apps. You can rely on their user-friendly interface to manage your domains and share access to them with your team or customers.


DNS4.PRO intends to offer a new concept on DNS services and it combines affordability, powerful infrastructure, and user-friendly infrastructure. The fact that it is an anycast-based DNS provider, means that it offers an efficient, solid, and trustable infrastructure. If you need your domain to be served across the world, this is a great solution as it has servers in Europe, Asia, and the United States.


This is one of the most practical and easy-to-use DNS services that you can rely on. They ensure that you can enjoy security and consistency on your site. If you work with just one DNS provider, you are likely to experience issues that will affect the performance and visibility of your website. BuddyNS is an ideal option for a secondary DNS service that will keep you up in case of failure of your primary option.

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