Tintag: An upcoming solution to track your valuable lost items

Running late for work and not being able to find your house or car keys is something that happens to some of us on a regular basis, but that doesn’t make it less frustrating. This or other similar scenarios are quite common,which is why tracking devices and apps have become very popular. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, these gadgets can offer a simple solution to help you find your valuables. One of the most interesting options to locate lost keys, bags or anything important is Tintag, created by Romanian entrepreneurs Alex Chris and Andrei Vig. Even though Tintag is not yet available in the market, it has already gained a lot of attention thanks to its unique features.

What makes Tintag stand out from other item-trackers is that it is designed to be the first rechargeable device of its kind. Since the main downside of other trackers is that once the batteries run out they have to be replaced or you may even have to get a new device, Tintag is set to get ahead of its competition. Currently, Tintag is running an Indiegogo campaign that has raised over $43000 USD in less than a month. With a goal of $50000 and almost six weeks to go, it is safe to say that Tintag will secure the funds required and even exceed the expectations. Let’s take a closer look at this upcoming Bluetooth tag.

Versatility and Tracking options
After getting his bike stolen, Andrei Vig started working along Alexandru Chris to create a system that would allow owners to track their bikes in real time. The idea evolved until Tintag was designed as a device to track any kind of valuable items and also a solution ensure that your beloved pets don’t get lost. Tintag is small enough to fit into your keychain and can be attached to anything that you want to find easily. When your item is located, you are notified with a beeping sound or a flashing LED light. If you have the tiny tag with you but your phone is missing, you can use the gadget to locate it.

You can also check your phone to find history of the last location in which your item was seen, which will help you to remember where it may be. Apart from tracing items that you can’t find like your wallet or keys, Tintag can give you peace of mind when you are walking your dog in the park. With Tintag you can set up a safe distance and if your dog goes beyond this, Tintag will alert you.

Rechargeable Battery
Unlike other tracking devices, Tintag can be recharged thanks to a Home Base that is included. Every charge will last up to 4 months, ensuring that your Tintag is ready to be usedwhen you need it. You will no longer have to worry about changing batteries or replacing the gadget. The Wireless Home Base charging station also works as a hot spot that allows you to track items or know where your kids are, even if you are not at home. This is possible thanks to predetermined proximity alerts.

Security and durability
You are not required to create an account when you use Tintag’s mobile app and all you data is stored anonymously, in order to protect your privacy. As you do not provide personal identifiable information, you can ensure that your identity is safe. The device also counts with waterproof protection to guarantee its durability.

Tintag will be available in 5 colours: Blue, Pink, Orange, Green and Red. Through the Indiegogo campaign, you can get the Super Early Bird Pack Charge, which includes one Tintag device and one Home Base charger for just $19 USD (excluding shipping) and the products are expected to be shipped on April 2015. Tintag is not only raising interest but also the funds that may soon turn this project into a reality that may make tracking of your valuables even easier.

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