TABI – The Stretch it onTablet Holder & Hanger

Tablets pack incredible features that can make our lives less complicated. The portability of tablets make them a great companion when you are on the go and they even add fun to the most ordinary tasks. You may be doing the laundry or queuing for hours to buy tickets for a hugely popular event, but if you have your tablet with you there won’t be time to get bored. The only problem is that there are places or moments, in which we cannot hold our tablet securely to enjoy all the entertainment it offers.

How many times have we wondered if there would ever be a better way to carry a tablet. We have all hoped for something that would allow us to have our tablets near and easily accessible anywhere we are and thanks to product designer Lior Avrahami, the solution is finally here. Avrahami put his passion for creating convenient tools to work and came up with Tabi, a simple yet amazing gadget that is set to change the way we interact with our tablets.

Tabi is a flexible device that serves as a tablet holder and hanger that allows you to carry and use your tablet easily. Its fun human-shaped design ensures that Tabi can hold your tablet effectively with its arms and legs while the head works as a hook, so you can hang it on the wall, place it on the kitchen cabinet or anywhere you need to keep your tablet handy. You can follow recipes or talk to your friends and family on Skype while you cook.

ipadholderTabi’s body is made of strong metal, covered in silicone, the hook on the top is bendable and the fabric in the center is elastic and lets you hold the tablet safely. It only takes a few seconds to adjust Tabi on your tablet and thanks to its lightweight design, it will not add bulk to your device. Tabi combines energetic design, amusing fabric prints and colour – There are 16 options to choose from – to offer a product that is not only functional, but also very cool.

Tabi can enhance your tablet experience by offering a wide range of possibilities to carry and use your tablet no matter where you are or what you need. You can hold or hang your tablet in vertical position while you read an e-book or place it horizontally to watch a movie.

Thanks to the hook you will be able to use your tablet pretty much anywhere. You can listen to music or catch up with your favourite TV series while you are exercising or doing some gardening. Hang it on the back of the car seat to keep your children entertained as they watch a movie or play games during a long trip.

Since you can hold your tablet safely by placing your hand under the elastic fabric, Tabi is also very practical for taking photos and surfing internet . It even works great as a stand to hold a book. Tabi can make things easier and enable you to enjoy all the features that your tablet offers any time, any place and without any hassle.

Currently running a thriving Kickstarter campaign, Tabi is only a step away from becoming widely available. For just $20 USD, you can back this creative solution and get your own Tabi to make the most out of your tablet. Tabi is incredibly versatile and proves that simplicity is often the best approach.

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