SynciOS: Free iDevice Management Tool

SynciOS is a free tool that allows you to share files between iOS devices and Windows. For many users, it is a more convenient alternative to iTunes – at least when it comes to file transfer and control – due to the flexibility that it gives users to manage iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone from their PC. It offers great features to transfer, convert, backup and restore your files and contacts. To find out what makes SynciOS stand out, let’s take a closer look at how it works and what you can do with it.

How to use SynciOS
SynciOS works with Windows XP, 7 and 8 and when you have it installed, it will automatically recognize your iDevice once it is connected to your PC. You will be able to access a wide range of information about the device such as battery status or if it has been jailbroken. SynciOS is easy to navigate and it includes a column on the left side of the screen, in which you can look through data in the connected iPad/iPod/iPhone and the tool. The column lets you check the files in your device, as well as details about apps and contacts, while further information appears in the main screen.

What does it do
Just like iTunes, SynciOS allows you to transfer music and videos from your PC to your iOS device. However, the transfer of photos via iTunes is more complicated, which is why many users prefer SynciOS. Overall, it simplifies the transfer of files between your PC and your Apple device. SynciOS also lets you create an album and export photos from iCloud or from the Cameral roll in your iDevice. You can see a full list of apps installed on your iOS device and manage them without complications.

SynciOS comes with a practical audio and video converter, as well as a feature that lets you create your own ringtones. If the file that you are transferring is not in a compatible format, SynciOs will convert the content, ensuring that you can enjoy all your media. You can also save your favourite videos from streaming websites like Vimeo, YouTube, DailyMotion and many more. SynciOS also lets you transfer ebooks on PDF or Epub between your PC and iDevice in just a few steps.

While SynciOS has amazing features and works really well in most aspects, the contact manager lets the tool down. It is meant to allow you to backup contacts, messages and notes to the computer but the tool takes too long to recognize the contacts stored on the device or does not recognize them at all. You can still see text message threads in your computer, even though the numbers may not appear, which is a shame as SyniOS does great in all the other areas it covers.

Overall, SynciOS is a practical solution for managing your iOS device and organizing your files. It is not meant to be a replacement for iTunes, but it is easy to use and offers handy features for free. It works with iPod Touch, iPhone 4S and up, iPad and iPad Mini. There is also an ad-free Pro version that does not require registration and that costs only $19.95.

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