SwitchVPN Review

SwitchVPNSwitchVPN Logo is known for the high level of security that they offer through the strong encryption of their OpenVPN, as well as their advanced SSTP protocol. In terms of service, this company located in India, offers a good performance. However, they are not very clear about their packages and policies, which leads to users not being sure about the features that they actually get with each plan or knowing if all their information remains private. The truth is that they are not one of the cheapest options available in the market and there are other companies that offer more features for the same price which is why SwitchVPN does not reach a place in the list of the top VPN providers.

Prices and plans

With SwitchVPN you can choose three plans: Lite, Advanced and Combo Pro. All of them provide access to their network and unlimited bandwidth. These are the features that you can get with each plan:
For $5.95 per month, you can subscribe to their Lite plan which is the standard option. It only supports two protocols: PPTP and L2TP and gives you access to one server in Germany, Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Netherlands. Bear in mind that this plans does not give you the option to change your IP address, which means that you can only select one of the countries mentioned above and the P2P file sharing option is online available for servers in the Netherlands. The lack of IP address options in this plan is one of the reasons why Switch VPN does not rate high when compared to other providers that offer a more complete service for the same price.

The next option is their Advanced plan, which costs $7.95 and offers the same as the Lite but with the addition of OpenVPN protocol. To get a plan with more features, you would need to pay $14.95 for their Combo Pro. With this plan you can avail of servers in over 16 countries, including Sweden, United Kingdom, Romania, Netherlands and Canada. This plan does offer a dynamic IP address, meaning that you can switch between locations.

Keep in mind that all the plans only offer you the possibility of connecting using one device at a time. If you require another connection, you would need to pay an extra charge of $1.99. Even though SwitchVPN has a 7 day money back guarantee, this only covers you in case you cannot connect to their service. This means that even if you are not entirely satisfied with the speed of the connection, you will not be entitled to a refund.

Customer service

It must be said that SwitchVPN’s website is quite appealing and well designed. It also contains useful information and a complete FAQ section with answer to the most relevant queries. Their customer support team can be contacted via ticket based email as well as live chat. We contacted them a couple of times and they were efficient and helpful. Even though they do not request personal details from their customers, the truth is that in order to sign up, you are required to enter a lot of personal information, including your email address to be able to complete the registration.

Privacy and online security

Unfortunately, it is not clear if they keep logs or not as the information on their website is inconsistent. Even though they state in their Terms and Conditions that they do not keep any logs, they later on explain that they would only keep logs information for one month, after which all log files will be deleted. This inconsistency is a concern if you are looking for a provider that can guarantee your privacy. Still, in terms of security SwitchVPN does stand out thanks to they high level of encryption of their OpenVPN, which ranges between 1024-bit to 2048-bit, making it one of the best options in terms of security for your internet connection. Additionally, their Combo Pro package offers SSTP protocol which is a great option to bypass proxies and firewalls. Even though SSTP is only compatible with Windows (Vista, 7 and 8), it can be used in most cases in which a VPN is usually blocked and it provides a high level of security as well. In terms of compatibility, SwitchVPN can be used with operating systems and devices such as Windows, Linux, OSX, iOS, Android and DD-WRT.


Switch VPN has a great speed and performs very well in terms of security thanks to their highly secure OpenVPN encryption and their SSTP option. However, the fact that their privacy policy is not clear and that their prices are not as convenient as what other companies offer for more complete plans, affects their overall score. If you want an extraordinary level of security, the Combo Pro plan is a god option but if you think about the fact that there are other services that give you more features and that guarantee the privacy of your information for the same 9and even) less price, you may think twice about setting up a subscription with SwitchVPN. Still, their customer support was also very good, so it just a matter of deciding what is more important for you, speed and security or anonymity, privacy and a more convenient price.

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