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SpiderOakWhen it comes to protecting your files, you should not only consider the risk of losing them. Security has become a major concern for computer users as there are many threats to data these days. From viruses to intrusive monitoring, there are many dangers that lurk around and it is important that you look for the highest level of protection to keep your valuable information safe. In the selection of online backup services available, there is one that stands out for its focus on privacy. SpiderOak is the ideal cloud storage solution for anyone who is looking for a secure and effective way to defend their files against loss or eavesdropping. Here is what SpiderOak offers in terms of performance, features and price.

Getting Started
SpiderOak was established in 2007 with the aim of providing an online backup solution that could preserve data and guarantee its privacy. As a Zero-Knowledge privacy cloud technology, SpiderOak is committed to ensure that you files are only accessed by you. You can backup, share and sync your data with confidence, because not even SpiderOak’s team is meant to see it. Since it is not a secret that everyone is exposed to online surveillance nowadays, many people are searching for options to keep their information secure and to defend their right to privacy. That is why SpiderOak has become a popular service to backup and to get access to important files at any time.

There is a simple price structure so you can easily find the best option for you without getting confused. You can start with a free account that provides 2GB of storage and although that is not too much, it gives you the possibility of finding out what SpiderOak offers, without spending a cent. If you require more storage capacity, you can upgrade to a Personal plan that starts at $7 per month, or $79 per year for 30GB. To get even more capacity, you can chose the next tier which provides 1TB for $12 per month, or $129 per year. There is also a plan that gives you 5TB for $25 per month, or a yearly price of $279.

All the Personal plans allow you to backup, sync, store, share and restore your data. SpiderOak gives you the possibility of backing up and syncing files across as many devices and platforms as you want. It is important to keep in mind that the backup/ syncing features share the storage limit allocated to each plan. All the data that you save into SpiderOak will be fully protected and will remain completely private. Thanks to the Zero-Knowledge privacy environment, no one else apart from you, would be able to access and control your files. SpiderOak also offers business plans that provide between unlimited storage capacity, Active Directory Integration and support for multiple users.

SpiderOak’s commitment to security starts with the website, which is SSL secured. You can download SpiderOak for free and then upgrade, or sign up for one of the paid plans from the start. The installer software is lightweight and there are versions for Mac, Windows and Linux. Signing up is simple and only a few details like email address, username and password are required. Once you have installed SpiderOak, you will need to run the program and name your computer. Then the system tray icon will appear and you will see the full control panel.

How Does it Work?
Although SpiderOak doesn’t automatically find folders and file types to back up, you will be able to select Desktop, Movies, Documents and Pictures from the initial window using the Basic backup option. To manage the data that is backed up with more accuracy, you can choose the Advanced option to pick any folder or file in your computer. You can keep a local copy of your backup synced on an external storage device and you can also backup network and external drives. If you want to know how much data has been selected for backup, you can check the progress bar at the bottom of the main window. Once you have completed your selection, you can save it and start the backup process. The next thing you will see is the Status view from where you can pause an upload. The main window also displays an option to buy more space if required.

One of the advantages of SpiderOak is that as long as you stay within the storage capacity, you can backup multiple devices. Backups occur automatically, ensuring that your files are always safe. SpiderOak keeps all the versions of every file you back up, which means that it is an effective archiving solution. Even if you accidentally delete a file, you will be able to recover it as SpiderOak preserves all backup data for an unlimited period of time. In the View tab, you will be able to find the different versions of a file and you can download any of them. Backups can also be accessed through SpiderOak’s web interface.

The same folders picked during your backup selection will be available for syncing. As long as all the devices are running SpiderOak, you will be able to choose a sync folder on each device and drag files that will be synced across. Changes in the designated folders are made available through all the synchronized devices. You can share individual files, or set up a ShareRoom where your friends and family can easily access videos, photos and other files. They just need to enter a ShareID and RoomKey to browse and download the files that you have shared. The data in the ShareRoom is automatically updated when a change is applied and you can only share the latest version of a folder. Another simple way to share content is generating a link.

As mentioned before, SpiderOak takes the security of your data seriously and applies a high level of encryption (2048-biy and 256-bit AES) during transfer and storage. To protect your data, you are required to create a password which will ensure that only you get access to it. While the Zero-Knowledge technology can guarantee that your privacy remains intact, it is crucial that you don’t forget your password. Otherwise, you will not be able to get access to your data as there is no way to reset it and since SpiderOak can’t help you to regain access to your files, you could lose them for good.

Customer Support
SpiderOak offers a comprehensive knowledgebase, a useful FAQ section, guides and tutorials that will help you through every step of the process. It is also possible to contact the SpiderOak team via email. Although, many customers (particularly those who are new to backup services) would prefer to have more options like live chat or phone support, you are likely to find the information that you need on the website.

SpiderOak is a good choice if you need to backup small sized files from many devices and if privacy is your main concern. The fact that your data is protected by a private security key by default, makes it a secure option to protect the integrity of your data. However, it is not as simple and complete as other services available for even less. While it provides an effective service and advanced features, it may not be the best solution for users that don’t have much experience with online backup.

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