Sites To Generate An Instant Fake Temporary Email Address

The Internet has a wealth of sites that offer great services free of charge but most require you to give up your personal details such as your name, phone number, and email address. And some of those sites don’t allow you to use “free” email addresses from Google, Hotmail,, Yahoo, AOL, etc. But what if you could create a fake temporary email address?

Fake Temporary Email Accounts

The problem with using your personal or business email address is that a lot of these sites misuse your private information by selling it to spammers.

The simplest solution is to use a fake temporary email generator to create a one-time, disposable email which you can use to sign up for services without having to worry about your inbox being full of spam.

The sites below allow you to create a disposable temporary email address instantly that can use when registering with other web services without subjecting your private email to an avalanche.

Note that some of the more savvy website owners will realize that you are using a fake email and block it but you can typically try one of the other services because that website can’t block, or know about, every temporary email service.

Please be aware: the emails are typically in the public domain, meaning that if you use anyone can see your emails and you can see theirs. So don’t send any personally identifiable information to a fake email address.


Mailinator LogoMailinator is one of our favorite sites to generate a disposable, fake temporary email address however it’s one of the oldest and sometimes gets blocked by websites that try to prevent you from signing up with a fake email account.

You can use anything in front of the @ sign as your email address and check it for a few hours before the messages are automatically deleted.

The email address never goes away though – that’s important to remember. You can use that email address forever if you want but you’ll have to check it frequently otherwise you’ll miss the emails that are sent there since they are deleted after a few hours.

You can send individual emails to your personal/business account too but there’s no automated service to do it for you. In theory you could use a service like If This Then That ( to check the email and forward it elsewhere but we haven’t tried it.

You don’t even need to set up the email before using it. Just think of a unique email address like and use it when you sign up for services on another website. Then visit to get your email.

You don’t need a password to check the email. Just visit the site and enter the username you choose. Then you have the option of forwarding or deleting the message.

If you’re a developer or work on a Quality Assurance/Control team then Mailinator is a great service to help you test your product.

They have paid plans if you want to keep the emails around longer however they are ridiculously priced and it would be cheaper to buy a fake domain name yourself and use it for your spam emails for a couple bucks a month. Contact us to find out how we can help!


Airmail temporary email service
Airmail is a very popular and easy-to-use service. The site gives you a randomly generated fake temporary email address. Most importantly you can check your throwaway email inbox with different devices by visiting the URL of the email page.

The email will stay active for a whole day which helps when signing up for services that do not send their activation emails instantly. The only downside of airmail is that it only receives mail which means you wont be able to forward activation emails to your real email address.


10 Minute Mail - Best disposable email service

10MinuteMail gives you a randomly generated short-term email address and an inbox for your email.

As the website’s name suggests, the disposable email only works for 10 minutes but you can keep extending the term by ten more minutes for as long as you need it.

Guerrilla Mail

Guerillamail temp email

Guerrilla Mail is one of the best services for creating instant fake temporary email addresses.

With this service you can choose your own username and select any of the 8 mail servers that they offer.

Unlike the other temporary anonymous email services listed above the email offered here won’t expire so you can use it as often as you like.

As an extra benefit you can also send emails from this service which means you can send your login details and activation emails to your personal email.


fakeinbox throwaway email

FakeInbox is an easy way to keep spam from your real inbox by allowing you to create a temp address with only one click.

The site’s fake disposable email will last for one hour and you have the option to extend it by another hour if that is not long enough.


yopmail disposable e-mail address

Yopmail gives you an email inbox with one of the longest validity periods of 8 days but also has the downside of not being able to send out emails.

There is no registration process with this service which gives you the benefit of a truly anonymous free email.


easytrash fake email

EasyTrashMail differs slightly from the others in that they do not provide an inbox. You simply generate an instant fake temporary email and choose how long you wish for it to remain active from 10 minutes to 1 month.

EasyTrashMail will then forward the email to your real email so you will always have them. By the time your fake email reaches the spammers it will no longer be active.

This service is not the best option for those seeking anonymity but a great option for those simply trying to avoid being spammed.

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