Simple ways to Extend the Battery life of your iPhone 5

Your iPhone can offer you endless entertainment, communication options and can even be a useful tool for business thanks to all the fantastic features that Apple offers and the great apps that you can get in the App store. However, with all this multitasking your battery will not last and what good is it to have a device that offers so many functions if you cannot enjoy them. By following some simple tips, you can prolong the battery life of your iPhone 5. These are the most effective methods to ensure that you can enjoy everything your iPhone can offer while you are on the go and for longer.

Set Auto-Lock after one minute
You can choose how long it would take for your iPhone to lock while is not in use. After certain period of inactivity, the screen will go black in order to save battery. Select the shortest amount of time possible (one minute) to avoid wasting battery life. Simply go to Settings, tap General, then Auto-Lock and choose “1 Minute”.

Modify the brightness of your iPhone’s screen

You can set the screen’s brightness to the lowest level that suits you. This will not only reduce the impact in your eyes but will also save you battery.

Turn off notifications that are not relevant
You need to be aware when you have missed a call or when you received a text message but there are other instances in which notifications are not so important. For instance, you do not always have to be notified of Twitter activity or game updates. By disabling those notifications that are not a priority, you can save battery resources.

Disable Location features
There are many apps that use Location Services to show where you are when your tweet, send a message in Facebook or to offer you suggestions for nearby places to eat. Location Services are not always necessary and in some cases, they may even be giving out information that you don’t want to share. Furthermore, they use up a lot of battery, which is why it is better to turn them off.

Disable Bluetooth

Make sure that you only have Bluetooth turned on when you need it. Otherwise, this would be running in the background and consuming battery. Go to Settings, tap Bluetooth and toggle off to disable it.

Disable Siri when not required

Siri can be incredible helpful and its Raise to Speak feature makes things even easier. Thanks to this function, all you need to do in order to launch Siri is to bring your iPhone 5 close to your ear. However, Siri can consume a great deal of your battery life, which is why you are better off turning off the voice assistant when you don’t need to use it.

Select Airplane Mode

In any situation in which you do not to use your phone for transferring data or when you are in a place in which you need to disconnect or should not be using your phone at all, such as the theatre or an important meeting, opt for Airplane Mode. This will disable data transfers, which will extend the battery life of your iPhone. Select Settings and toggle Airplane Mode on.

Use Wi-Fi instead of 4G

While using 4G LTE can be quite convenient thanks to its speed and availability, it can consume a large part of your iPhone’s battery. Avoid using 4G if not required and opt for Wi-Fi if it is available. Go to Settings, tap Wi-Fi, Toggle it On and choose a network. Remember that in some cases you will need a password to log in.

Keep your iOS updated

iOS is constantly being updated to fix bugs or improve functions. Ensuring that you are using the latest version of iOS will allow you to use your battery resources better, not to mention that keeping it updated is the best way to fully enjoy your iPhone experience.

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