How to shutdown or restart Windows through a Remote Desktop connection

We are used to let technology make everything easier for us and while it may seem like we are only looking for comfort, the truth is that we should be glad about this kind of laziness. After all, the search for simple solutions has enabled us to develop amazing applications that give us more free time to relax. Remote Desktop is one of the programs that allow us to avoid complications, by enabling access to any computer on your network. You don’t have to be in front of the PC to work on it and the best part is that Microsoft has included the Remote Desktop Connection in every operating system since Windows XP.

Remote Desktop offers you the possibility of accessing files and applications from your local computer, using a remote PC. The RDC client offers features like 24-bit colour, audio and file system redirection. The Remote Desktop Protocol and the Terminal Services Client (mstsc.exe) work to ensure that you can conveniently enjoy services from your local computer in another machine within the same Windows network. There are many things that you can do thanks to this feature, including restarting or shutting down the remote computer. The Shutdown and Restart buttons appear to the right of the lock icon, whenever you connect to a Microsoft server.

The thing is that when you use a remote connection on a computer running a Windows 7, the Shutdown and Restart options are not available and you would only see Lock and Disconnect. However, there is a way to enjoy the convenience of shutting down or restarting a computer remotely in Windows 7. In order to be able to restart the remote machine, click the Start button and type this command in the search box:

shutdown /r /t 0

The /r switch prompts the computer to reboot and the /t option determines the number of seconds that will take the command to be executed. In this case, the restart should be initiated instantly, but you can modify the time by simply changing the zero to whatever time suits you best. To shutdown the computer remotely, all you need to do is to type this command:

shutdown /s

Alternatively, you can click the Desktop and press Alt +F4 to open the shutdown menu. In case you activate the shutdown command by mistake, you can type: shutdown /a, which will interrupt the shutdown sequence. We hope this practical solution helps you to effectively manage the shutdown and restart options for a remote machine running Windows 7.

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