How to Set Private Browsing in iOS 7 Safari

Safari is set to save details of any website you visit in the browser history and iCloud syncs the information between Safari and all you iOS devices, meaning that if you have visited a website from your iPhone, the data will also appear in you Mac. Safari can keep the links, as well as the web pages in your Reading List to allow you to access the data even when you are offline. While this feature is handy when you want to continue browsing or stay in the same website when you move from using your iPad to your iPhone, there are many occasions in which you may prefer that the information of the sites you access was not saved or shared between all your devices through iCloud. This is when using Private Browsing mode becomes handy and thankfully, with iOS 7, it is easier to access.

Private Browsing mode can also help to avoid that websites keep track of your cookies and will also disable autofill to ensure that your personal information is not automatically entered on websites. This is important when you are sharing your devices or if they fall in the wrong hands. When you use private browsing mode, the border of Safari will turn black and you will be able to brose internet without the websites you visit being saved in your web history. If you exit the Safari browser or close the app in Private browsing mode, the open tabs will appear once you relaunch Safari. If you prefer to keep track of the websites you visit for easier access, you can turn the Private browsing mode off after each session.

If you use iOS 7, this is how you can enable the private browsing mode for Safari:

  • Open Safari from the Home screen of your device
  • Tap on the “Show Pages” icon that is located in the lower right hand of the screen.
  • Select Private in the lower left hand corner, you will be asked to choose if you wish to keep the current tabs open, if you prefer to close them or cancel. It is advisable to close all tabs to avoid confusion.
  • Next, tap “Done” in the lower right hand corner. You will be able to start browsing on Private Mode and you can turn it off following the same steps.

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