Selfy Takes Selfies to the Next Stage

Social media websites are swamped with photographic self-portraits, popularly known as selfies and while the obsession with taking our own picture and sharing it with the world is a phenomenon of our days, the origin of selfies can be traced back to the first half of the 19th century. In the early days of photography, experimentation was key and it was common for aspiring photographers to use themselves as models to improve their skills. The first selfie that we know about was taken in 1839 by Robert Cornelius, a chemist with a keen interest in photography. While back then Cornelius had to remove the lens from the camera and stand within frame for a whole minute in order to capture his own image, nowadays selfies take just a couple of seconds and thanks to technology they can be taken anytime and anywhere. Sometimes, that means that people take the chance to take their own picture even in the most ridiculous and even dangerous situations.

If you are one of those people who cannot stop registering every moment of their lives, you will be happy to know that thanks to Selfy, the new case with a built in remote control, taking a selfie will be even easier and more convenient. This mobile device accessory is compatible with Samsung Galaxy 5S, iPad Air, iPad mini and iPhone5/5s and it sports a sliding Bluetooth remote control that allows you to launch the camera app of your phone. Selfy is produced by iLuv and it is available in pink and black with prices starting at $49.99 and it truly delivers great features for anyone that is looking to take better pictures with their smartphone or iPad.

Unlike other Bluettoth remote control devices designed for taking pictures with your smartphone (such as Shutterball by Audiovox), Selfy does not require additional attachments or third-party apps because the shock-resistant case includes the remote control. It protects your phone and enables you to capture images in a more convenient way at the same time. The configuration process is quick, as all that is required is to switch on the Bluetooth on your phone, press down the button on the Selfy for a few seconds to turn it on and then tap “iLuv Selfy” in the settings. Once you have sync your Selfy with your smartphoneor iPad, you will only need to keep the Selfy’s button pressed for a few seconds to switch it on whenever you want to use it.

After one minute of inactivity, it will go to standby mode and shuts down automatically if it’s not used within five minutes. The remote control includes a watch battery that would need to be replaced after six moths to two years of use. The remote control can be slide out at any time and take a picture wherever you are, it is easy to use and while the button only requires a press to be activated, it is not that soft and won’t accidentally turn on with the slightest move while you have your phone in your bag. Taking a snap is quick and simple, making a perfect tool to use when you are in a rush or when you don’t want others to notice that you are taking pictures.

Selfy is set to be a series of products designed to let you explore your inner photograph and make the best out of your device’ camera. All the accessories will work with the sliding mechanism on the Selfy case and they include a vented helmet strap, car and bar mount, as well as a mini tripod. While Selfy will add weight to your phone and take away the sleekness, it is a good addition if you love taking pictures wherever you go.

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