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While many documents (particularly official forms) still need to be printed, it is undeniably that saving them in a digital format is much more convenient. Digital documents are easier to store and are more environmentally friendly, not to mention that they could be shared faster and could be accessed whenever you need them. Scanners allow us to translate any document into a digital version, but they are not exactly practical to use on the go.

With Readdle’s Scanner Pro you can turn your iPhone into a portable scanner that can be used anywhere you are. The app lets you use your iPhone’s camera to capture documents and turn them into PDFs. It is a practical solution to share documents via email or to store them in services like Dropbox. This app, which can be downloaded for just $2.99 USD has become a must-have for many users that need a fast scanning solution. Here is what Scanner Pro offers.

Scanner Pro is the ideal option for dealing with office forms fast and effectively as you can send them out to get the required signatures and once they are returned to you in a digital form, you will be able to file them. It is a great option for digitizing and organizing your receipts and you can also scan a page of a book or an article in a magazine to share it online.

Scanner Pro helps you to convert a printed document into PDF without any hassle and you can upload all your scans to online storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive and Evernote. Thanks to the special algorithms incorporated in the app, shadows are removed and scans are made sharper to ensure that the end result offers the best possible quality.

Installing Scanner Pro on your iPhone will allow you to have a scanner handy at all times, but before you scan a document it is advisable to find a well-lit setting. Then you can run the app and point the iPhone towards the document to capture it. If the capture is not up to your standards, you can use the Retake button to try again. Once you are happy with the result, you can tap Done and Scanner Pro will convert the image into a PDF.

When your document has been scanned and saved, you can store it in the cloud with only a few taps, send it by email or print it using Print n Share, an app from EuroSmartz that is available for $8.99 USD. While Scanner Pro offers a great functionality, its editing options are limited to adjusting brightness, contrast and colour/grayscale and it is not possible to add notes or make changes to the document.

Scanner Pro is incredibly convenient, even if it the interface is slightly more complicated than you would expect. It may take you a while to figure it out, but once you do, you will be able to enjoy a great app that works really well at capturing documents. Although the text-sharpness may be sacrificed in some cases, you can still get good results overall. Scanner Pro is highly recommended for offering an effective solution to scan documents for an affordable price.

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