Samsung working on a Virtual Reality Headset

Samsung may be making their entrance into the virtual reality world. It has been reported that the company is set to launch a virtual reality handset later on this year. The product would allow Samsung to compete directly with Sony’s Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift by Facebook.
According to some sources, Samsung’s Virtual Reality headset will be launched to work with upcoming phones and tablets manufactured by the company. However, the early version of the VR headset may be compatible with Samsung’s Galaxy 5. Still, it looks like there is a lot to be done before the device reaches the stores. In order to ensure that they can go virtual, Samsung needs to develop a more solid platform for this purpose.
There is no further information about the way in which the device will work and its compatibility with tablets and smartphones. The specs and design are yet to be defined and it is not clear if the Virtual Reality feature will be available for all tasks or if it is just intended for games. If this is the case, it is expected that Samsung will release a series of games to accompany the headset. At the moment, the Virtual Reality gaming demos available in the market are aimed at PC games. Getting into the VR world successfully would have a huge positive impact for Samsung, as it would put the company in the position of attracting more developers to their platform.

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