SafeSync Review

SafeSyncMany companies have understood that online backup services are the most convenient solution to avoid data loss and that many customers want to keep their files safe. As a result, there is no shortage of options to backup your data in the cloud. SafeSync, an online backup service from Trend Micro is one of them. Trend Micro is known for developing anti-virus and security programs, and now they are using their expertise and technology to give you the possibility of protecting, syncing and sharing your data. Here are some of the most relevant aspects of SafeSync.

Getting Started
Trend Micro’s reliability and commitment to quality make SafeSync an option that deserves to be noted. Trend Micro has been operating for decades and through SafeSync, it offers an easy and effective method to backup your data and to get access to it across multiple devices. SafeSync works as a downloadable application and as a cloud-based backup service. The first step to discover what SafeSync can do for you is to sign up for an account. Then you can download the desktop version and use it in up to three computers.

There are also mobile apps for iOS and Android and you can use these in as many devices as you want. Apart from the mobile app, or the software, you can also use the web-based version to get access to your data, which works with the most popular browsers. Once you have installed SafeSync in your computer, a folder will be created where you can store photos, videos, documents and more. All the data that you save in the SafeSync folder will be automatically updated and saved to your account and you can access it from any internet enabled device and see your data online, no matter where you are.

Trend Micro offers three SafeSync plans for home users with different storage capacities. For 20GB of storage for one year, you pay $39.95. If you want more space, you can get 50GB for $89.95 for one year, or 100GB for $145.95 for one year. There are also Business plans available and the prices depend on the amount of users supported (between 2 and 100) and the length of time of the subscription selected. For instance, one year of service for 2 users costs $180, while the annual subscription for 100 users costs $8,200. There is also a free trial that allows you to try SafeSync for 30 days before paying for a plan.

How Does it Work
Any folder can be turned into a SafeSync folder by right-clicking on it and choosing the option from the menu. The time that it will take for your files to be synced to your SafeSync account will depend on the speed of your internet connection and the size of the data. Once the syncing process is completed, you will be able to access the data on your computer, mobile phone, tablet or any device connected to your account. If you have created a document in your computer and you stored it in your SafeSync folder, you will be able to access it on another computer, or on your mobile device.

SafeSync supports features that can make the backing up process fast and simple. Even if it is the first time you are using a service of its type, you will be able to manage all the options that SafeSync supports as if you were an expert. All the important functions can be accessed effortlessly thanks to the software client’s straightforward interface. In both the desktop and the web version, you can select the exact documents and folders that you wish to include in the backup.

You can also choose the frequency of the backups and they can be carried out as often as you need them, whether it is daily, weekly or monthly. It is possible to set up different backup tasks with the specific timeframe that you prefer. SafeSync’s automatic backup option scans your computer, updates and syncs files instantly. If there are any files that you don’t want to backup, you can exclude them from the process. SafeSync gives you the option to adjust the bandwidth and there are no restrictions when it comes to file size, or type.

Backing up your data is not the only functionality that SafeSync supports. The service also provides file archiving and file sharing features, which ensure that you enjoy a complete solution to manage your data. SafeSync allows you to store as many versions of every backed up file as you wish, which is something that not all services support. You can also remove, restore and download specific version of a file whenever needed. This means that if you need to recover a previous version of a file that was deleted or updated by mistake, you will be able to do so with SafeSync.

The file sharing feature is very easy to use and all you need to do to share a file is to right-click on it and choose the “get a shareable link” option that appears in the dropdown menu. There, you can select if you want to share the file as a link included in an email, or via social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. This is a fast and practical way to share photos, videos, or documents with friends, family or work colleagues. You can set up a password to protect the files and choose an expiry date for the links you have shared.

When it comes to protecting your data, SafeSync applies top-notch security measures to give you peace of mind. They apply the same methods used by financial institutions to ensure that your information is secure. Files are transferred using 256-bit AES encryption and stored in the Trend Micro SecureCloud, a proprietary high-level security technology. SafeSync has secure firewalls to protect the servers from online attacks. Partitioned networks maintain each redundant network independent so even if one network partition is compromised, the others will not be affected.

Customer Support
Trend Micro’ s experienced and professional team offers support for SafeSync customers via live chat and email every day of the week, at any time. The email responses can take up to 48 hours, while the live chat is ideal for requests that require an immediate response. There are also online step-by-step guides, installation instructions and other useful resources.

Even though SafeSync doesn’t provide unlimited storage capacity, it offers a comprehensive service that allows you to effectively backup, sync, store and share your files. It is easy to use and comes supported by the knowledge and quality of Trend Micro. If you are looking for an easy to use online backup that lets you access your data on the go and restore it whenever needed, SafeSync is a great bet.

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