How to reset your Kindle Fire – Won’t Charge, Turn on or is Stuck

Resetting your Kindle Fire is simple and could help you to get your tablet back working when it has become unresponsive or when you have been experiencing regular issues. Even if you have never come across any problems with your Kindle Fire, it is good to know how to reset it, as it may be the solution in case it freezes. Usually, all you need in order to fix any issues when your device doesn’t turn or charge is to perform a standard reset. This only requires a few easy steps and works for every Kindle Fire version, including original, second generation and Kindle Fire HD. This is how you can reboot your device when it is not working.

The most common scenario for users that are having issues with their Kindle Fire is that their device stops responding all of the sudden. This usually happens because the device is locked up and in some cases, this is difficult to see because the screen doesn’t display anything. It simply turns dark or black, making your device appear as if it was turned off when in reality, it is frozen. When your Kindle Fire is locked up, it is not possible to charge it or turn it on.

If your device is stuck, the best way to fix it is resetting it. You can apply this solution when your screen is unresponsive but also when your PC is not recognizing your Kindle Fire or you are getting an error message when you plug your device into the computer. A Reset can also solve the problem when your screensaver keeps asking you to connect to a Wi-Fi network. In summary, when your device is jammed, the best way to help it to work smoothly again is by giving it a clear start.

Standard Reset
All you need to do to reset your Kindle Fire is to push the power button and keep it pressed for 20 seconds or more. It is important to hold the power switch for this long to ensure that your device reboots and not that it just shuts down. Once you release the power button after the required time, you should see the reboot screen. Allow some time for your Kindle to reboot. Ideally, you should wait one minute or two to ensure that your device has time to complete its reset.

The Kindle may freeze during the reset and the reboot screen could appear for over ten minutes. If this is the case, charge the device. Simply plug the charger and let your Kindle Fire charge for at least 30 minutes. Let the device charge for as long as you can or until it is fully charged. Keep on mind that if the device is not charging, the charger could be the issue and you would need to try with a different charging cable. Ideally, you should use another cable from a Kindle Fire if you have one handy. A cable to charge another mobile device may work as well but keep in mind that there is a risk that this doesn’t work or may cause additional issues. If you don’t have any issues to charge the Kindle, press the power switch down for 20 seconds more. You will see the reboot screen again. Allow one minute or two to reboot and after this time, the reset should be completed.

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