How to remove spy software from your cell phone

It could be difficult to detect spy software since it is designed to run discreetly on the background, but if you find out or suspect that someone has installed a programme to monitor your mobile phone usage, you will be glad to know that there are options to remove it. In case you were the one who installed the software and now want to remove it, there is also an easy way to do so. The steps will change according to your case, buy here is what you can do in both scenarios.

Removing software that you have installed

If you installed mobile spy software on your children’s phone and want to remove it, you should be able to do it easily by accessing the programme’s dashboard and following the instructions to uninstall it. Some companies even offer the option of removing the software remotely by sending a code text message to the target phone, which will uninstall the program automatically. Things are a little more complicated when you suspect that someone installed spy software on your phone without your knowledge, but there are different methods that you can try to get rid of it.

Removing Spy software installed on your phone covertly

Confirming the presence of spy software on your mobile phone is not an easy task, but some indicators include unusual background noises during calls or issues with your device’s performance. When you don’t have access to the programme installed on your mobile device to monitor your activities secretly, these are the methods that will help you to remove it.

Restore to factory settings

A factory reset may be a drastic solution, but it is guaranteed to eliminate the spy software and if you feel confident enough, you can do it yourself. However, if you don’t have the necessary technical skills, it is advisable that you bring the device to an authorized mobile supplier or a phone repair expert and get them to restore it to factory settings. They would normally do it for free, or for a small fee and they would also help you to backup and restore your saved data.

While restoring your phone to factory settings seems radical, it is a effective way to ensure that you get rid of the spy software for good. In most phones, the process is as easy as going to Settings, then Privacy and selecting Restore factory settings. If you decide to do it on your own, make sure that you follow instructions for your specific phone model. Since a factory reset wipes your device clean, it is important that you backup all the data that you want to keep before attempting this method. Once the factory reset is completed, you should reinstall your apps manually, instead of automatically restoring them. This will prevent that the spy software is reinstalled.

Update the Operating System

In most cases, updating your device’s firmware is a convenient way to remove spy software and you can safely do it by yourself. This method works very well for getting rid of the monitoring software, but it also requires you to backup all your data before attempting it. If you have already updated to the latest OS for your device, you can simply get the previous version again and then reinstall the most recent firmware available.

Remove the spy software manually

You can also remove the spy software manually and while it is not as simple as the previous methods, it is another option that you can try. You would need to go to the mobile phone’s file system and delete the software program files. The problem with this method is that identifying the files related to the spy software is not easy and you may end up removing crucial files, which would affect your device’s performance. This is why restoring to factory settings or updating the Operating System are the best solutions.

Removing spy software from an iPhone

Since spy software requires jailbreaking to work on an iPhone, the easiest way to eliminate the programme from the device is to update the operating system to remove the jailbreak. The process is very simple and you can backup your data and update the iOS through iTunes. The iPhone can be jailbroken again afterwards in case you wish to access software outside the App store.


Removing mobile phone monitoring software is possible and it can be done relatively easily. However, if you want to ensure that you are not monitored without your knowledge, it is important to take preventive steps to keep your device safe. Do not leave it unattended and secure it with a password lock. These are simple things that will give you peace of mind and that can help you to avoid the hassle of restoring to factory settings or updating the OS in order to remove the spy software.

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