How to recover deleted text messages from your Android smartphone

Deleting a text message by mistake is something that can happen to any of us and while our first thought may be that it is lost forever, the truth is that there is hope. The faster you act, the higher the chances to get back your texts. If you received an important message and accidentally deleted it, you will need to try to recover it as soon as possible. While messages are recoverable up until the memory space in which they are saved is rewritten, if you receive new text messages or get any new data that could take up the space that was once used by your message, it will be too late to get it back. Here is what you can do to recover an SMS that was wrongfully deleted.

Use recovery software
One of the options that you have is to use recovery software, which would run on your computer. There are many programs available and the majority of them can be used for free. You could also use an option that works directly on your phone without the need of a PC, but that would require you to root the device and most likely you would have to pay for the app.

Although most recovery programs work in a similar way, it is important to consider your specific needs and preferences before choosing the best solution for you. In general, these tools are easy to use and offer step by step guidance, helping you to scan your device’s memory, identify and retrieve your deleted messages. Apart from text messages, you would also have the option of recovering photos, contacts and more. Some of the options available include Wondershare Dr. Fone (for Rooted devices), Coolmuster Android SMS+Contacts Recovery and Android recovery & Transfer.

Recovering deleted messages on your Android phone

The steps may be slightly different between programs, but they usually work as follows:

1. You will need to download and install a recovery program and launch it on your computer.
2. Connect your smartphone to your computer using a USB cable.
3. You will need to enable USB Debugging on your Android by going to the Developer Options in the Settings menu.Then you will need to scroll down to USB Debugging or Android Debugging and tick the box.
4. Follow the instructions in the recovery software to scan your phone’s memory
5. Once the scanning process is completed, you will be able to browse and preview the files stored on your device’s memory. This will include current data as well as deleted files and if the part of the memory in which your text message was originally stored, has not been rewritten yet, you should be able to recover the data. As previously mentioned, time is essential to ensure that you can get back your deleted text messages.
6. You can look for your deleted texts in the relevant folder (usually called text message folder) and once you have located them, you can select the ones that you wish to recover and you can save them to your computer or get them back on the device.

What can you do to prevent accidental text message loss

It is good to know that you can use a recovery tool to get back the messages that yo have deleted by mistake, but it is even better to take steps to prevent this from happening again. Backing up is crucial and it is also very simple. You only need a few minutes to protect your data and to avoid a situation in whic,h not even a recovery tool can help because the deleted message has been already overwritten by a new app or the latest update on your smartphone. Apps like SMS backup & restore, can help you backup your text messages. This particular app is very easy to use and once the backup is done, you can store the data on cloud services like Dropbox, an SD card or send it by email. You can also schedule regular backups to ensure that your data is always safe.

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