PhotoMarks: Watermarking solution for Mac/Windows

PhotoMarks is a convenient and advanced application with a beautifully designed interface. It helps you to watermark, as well as to manage and edit text and logo in a simple way, without losing the quality of the images. PhotoMarks has an image watermarker app available for iOS and now, you can also enjoy this complete and practical solution for Mac and PC. PhotoMarks allows you to modify text and logo marks and it also offers editing options such as resizing, renaming, auto-rotation and more. It gives you t possibility to edit photos in batch mode faster and more efficiently. You can get a preview of every step of the process and save your settings as profiles so that you can reuse them again for another editing session. Let’s take a look at what makes PhotoMarks a good watermarking option:

What makes PhotoMarks stand out from other watermarking systems is the fact that it makes the process incredibly fast and easy. Other alternatives to watermark photos include plugins and scripts that automate the process for Photoshop users. However, opening all the photos and watermark each of them is not a practical solution, even if a script is used and it is an option that requires advanced skills. PhotoMarks simplifies the watermarking process and thanks to its easy to navigate interface that allows any user to watermark their images without complications. Watermarking your photos will protect them and ensure that they cannot be used without your permission.

PhotoMarks allows you to customize your watermark logos, meaning that you can design and create the logo that will go on every image. This is a great feature not only for individuals that want to be creative in the logo that they chose but also for companies that need to add their own mark to protect their copyrighted images.

With PhotoMarks, you can also add filter to a photo, decorating it with beautiful effects and frames that include Vintage, Grunge, Picture and add Shadow effect or simple Border. It is also possible to rotate, resize the image and rename it. While PhotMarks is mainly a watermarking solution, thanks to the use of filters and additions, you can make adjustments to the image and enhance it.

You can upload the images directly to FTP, share them via Flickr or send them by email. PhotoMarks supports over 50 image formats including RAW from DSLR Digital Cameras. If you have a large number of images to watermark, this is a great solution that will help you to make things easier. You can get PhotoMarks for $29.95, with 60 day money back guarantee. A free trial is also available.

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