What to do if your phone is stuck on the Android system recovery screen

If you turned on, or restarted your smartphone and all you get now is a screen that shows “Android system recovery , there is no need to panic. You can find more details and possible solutions to this issue here. First of all, lets take a look at what this Android system recovery screen is about. The Android recovery screen is a powerful feature that provides useful options. It can come particularly handy when you need to perform a factory data reset or hard reset on your Android phone, but you have no access to the phone settings. This may be the case when your phone is not turning on properly, or when there are issues with the touch screen.

While Android system recovery screen is a great option to have when you want to hard reset your device, if your problem is that you cannot pass beyond it when you turn on your phone, you should only try the hard reset as a last option. The funny thing is that your phone may be stuck on Android system recovery screen while you were attempting to perform a hard reset. Usually, the steps you would have followed to get to this point would be powering your phone off, then pressing and holding the Volume up, Home and Power keys on your phone.

This would prompt your phone to boot into the Android system recovery screen, which would enable you to erase all the user data on your Android device. In order to do this, you could highlight and choose Wipe data/factory reset. Then you would need to confirm the reset by selecting the “Yes – delete all user data” option. This is something that you don’t want to do, unless you want to remove everything from your phone. However, it is important to keep this in mind because it may help you to understand the reason why your phone is stuck on the Android system recovery screen.

It is likely that the issue has been caused by some of the buttons used while you attempted to boot your phone. They may be pressed down, or may not be working properly. For instance, if you tried to access the Android system recovery screen by pressing down the Volume and Power button and the Volume button is malfunctioning, the phone may still behave as if you were pressing the two buttons at the same time even if you are not, which is why it continues leading your to the Android system recovery screen. With that in mind, the easiest way to fix your current issue is checking the buttons on your phone.

Check the buttons
Since the most common cause for being stuck on Android system recovery screen is the buttons, you may be able to find the solution by checking them. Pay particular attention to the volume buttons and check for their responsiveness. Even if the buttons look fine in the outside and there is no visible damage, they may not be working as they should. You can try the below to verify that there are no problems with the physical buttons on your mobile phone.

1. Before starting, turn off your phone. This will avoid that you end up deleting something or selecting any incorrect option by mistake.
2. Press down the buttons a few times, this may loosen them up and set them to their correct position in case they are stuck or pressed in.
3. After you have pressed down the buttons for a while, turn the phone on and check if it will starts up as it should.
4. If the phone boots- up correctly, you should do a quick backup of your phone’s data to ensure that you don’t lose important information in case there is any failure afterwards.
5. Once the data has been backed up, try to turn off your phone and then power it on again to confirm that the issue has been solved and that your Android device is working correctly.

What if the issue is caused by something else
If the Android system recovery screen appeared after you were trying to root your Android phone, or after attempting to install a custom ROM or a custom Recovery Mod, the problem could be that the process or the installation failed and in this case, you should try again. You should be very careful when performing this kind of modifications on your phone. They should only be attempted if you know what you are doing, or you may end up damaging your device. If your phone is stuck on Android system recovery after a failed modification, you may need to go back through the steps you followed to attempt the process.

The issue can also be caused by physical damage so make sure that you check if a button or key is broken, or if any liquid has got into it. Many phones have something called LDI (Liquid Damage Indicators), which would change of colour to let you know if there is a risk of damage due to liquid. The location of the LDI would depend on your phone’s model and manufacturer. Keep in mind that if your phone has been damaged due to liquid, it may be very difficult to get it fixed.

In case you can’t establish what caused the issue and you can’t find a solution, you may want to try using the “wipe data/factory reset” option, which would clear your phone from any possible bugs or viruses by returning it back to its factory default settings. However, this is a very radical solution that would get rid of any existing user data. Restoring your phone to factory settings may be your last choice when anything else failed, but if the phone has been damaged after liquid spillage, or if not even factory reset works, you will need to bring the device for repair, or replace it with a new one.

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